How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


1. Who said Crime pays?

Running, running for miles and miles. Any minute now, i thought, my legs will give way, I'll fall. But I can't, they're coming. I could hear their feet scampering behind me, like a warning, to run faster. I shoot past the line of trees and into district 11. I see people looking at me, my mum, my dad, my brother. But I won't stop. I see the clothes factory ahead, if I can just get in through, the doors, I might be able to lose them. 

I am still trailing my bag, full with stolen items behind me. Its stopping me from reaching the doors. But I won't let go, not after I've come so far. I dash into the factory, knocking into many along the way. But nothing stops the peacekeepers. I have no choice. I run into a store room and bolt the door. 

I stand behind it panting. I feel like I'm going to die, from exhaustion. I hear the voice of a peacekeeper

"Aria, if you come out know, your punishment will be less severe" He shouts.

But I can't even gather the strength to unlock the door. I can't breath. 

"Aria, this is your last chance, come out" 

I slowly unlock the door, and throw it wide open. Before I even have a chance to speak, a group of peacekeepers spring out from either side of the door. They handcuff me and walk me towards the head peacekeeper. He snatches my bag and inspects the contents. 

"Well, well, well, what do we have here, stolen goods, not good is it Aria, the second time this month. I warned you, didn't I warn her?" He says to everyone. No one dares to disagree with him. They nod in agreement. 

"Aria, I'm arresting you for stealing, you will be taken to the capitol, where you will be tried, and your punishment will be given. Understood?" 

I nod. "The only reason I took it, was because we're all starving here, we have no food, nothing to eat." I try to reason with him. But I know it is all in vain. These peacekeepers have a reputation for being harsh. 

"Take her to the train" 

I am led to a train, given no chance to say goodbye to my family. They wave at me frantically from the window. 

I know my punishment will be harsh, the capitol never lets people off, even if they are starving to death. 

I am joined by four others on the train. We talk to each other. 

There is Theya, Adam, Freya and Harli. They all tell similar stories. Apart from Freya, who refuses to tell her story. She's only young, not even thirteen. I don't expect her to reveal her story to a bunch of seventeen year old kids. 

I break off from the group to go to the bathroom. When I return, I walk past the peacekeeper den. The head peacekeeper is talking to a man with a beard. I listen in.

"Shame about Freya, young girl, she knew what she was doing though, no one tries to escape and gets away with it." the head peacekeeper says shaking his head.

"Well, despite their crimes, you know what the punishment will be, Snow's been dying to try it for years" The man with the beard replies.

I put my ear against the door just in time to hear them say in unison

"Hunger Games"


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