How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


3. We found Love in a Hopeless Place

I close the door and quietly run to my bed. I push my face in the pillow and take a deep breath. I don't want to be punished like this, take anything else. I think about my family, the ones who shook their heads and sighed when I was arrested. They were the reason. I stole food for them. That reason is gone. It's like I won't believe it. I won't cry, because if I cry, it seems more real. I won't speak to Freya, she will only make it seem real. 

We arrive at the Capitol the next morning. I know Freya must have told everyone, as they are all staring at me. I push away their stares. I still won't believe it. They can't do anything else to me anyway. My family is gone. They are the ones I was living for. What else can the Capitol do to me. I think of the hunger games, whatever it is, I'm sure it will be bad. I run through a list of people I want to live for.

Then I realize, I have to live for my family. Dead or alive they are my world. 

All five of us are taken to our cells in the capitol. We are put in separate cells but near each other. Adam's is next to mine with Freya on the other side. I don't want to look at her. Every time I do, I think of my family. I see their faces reflected in her eyes. She hasn't done anything, but I can't take it right now. 

They take my clothes and give me a prison uniform. Then we are ordered to take a shower. I expected that the shower would at least be a little warm, but it is freezing. I can hardly take it. The smell of district 11, my clothes, the only things that remind me of home are gone. 

That night I lie of the board in my cell, sobbing. I can't sleep. Whenever I close my eyes, I see District 11. Adam must have heard me. He puts his hand through the bars and clutches my hand. I sit up. His caring eyes reach mine. 

"Don't cry, worse things happen back in District 11" he whispers 

"Yes" I agree nodding.

"All I want to do is, just ..." he starts

"Say goodbye to your family?" I finish.

He looks at me "Yes" 

We stare at each other in silence for a few minutes. I put my face against the bars and he does the same. It is only a quick one but he kisses me. I smile.

"So...?" I ask 

"So what?" 

"Well, do you like me"

"Are you kidding, of course!" he says, maybe a little bit too loudly


"Sorry" he whispers "Yes, I do! Do you like me?" I don't know what to say. I had never thought that there was anything about him, that stood out to me, but this has changed everything. 

"Yes" I say almost inaudibly 

We hear footsteps a few metres down in Theya's cells

"Get some sleep beautiful" I giggle. No one's every called me beautiful before.

"Night Adam"

I settle down. Now when I close my eyes I see my family smiling at me and I smile back. They stay with me for a few seconds and then they disappear.

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