How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


5. The Truth

Even though I know nothing about the hunger games, from experience I know Snow is not a kind person, who would give "criminals" like us an easy time.

He continues "A while back, I was watching a programme about criminals overseas, and the thought suddenly came to me, what if we put you all together, well in groups from each district and one of you will be able to earn your freedom" He smiles a villainous smile.

"What happens to the rest of us" someone shouts

"I was getting to that" Snow snaps glaring at him "My idea was, we put you all in an arena and you must fight to win, then the last man, or woman standing will become that champion, and that champion will forever be victorious"

People in the crowd are nodding their heads, murmuring to each other.

"You can't be serious" I shout at him "That's what the hunger games is!"

He nods at me

"So if we don't win we die?"

"Well that was the plan, I mean, would you rather be in jail for the rest of your life"

People shake their heads and gradually one by one they start to offer themselves as the boy and girl from each district. I can tell Snow has planned this well, because their happens to be one boy and one girl from districts one to twelve. Even Adam offers himself as the boy from District ten. They continue until their is only one space to fill. 

"And can I have a volunteer from 11?" Crane says staring at me. But I won't volunteer. 

"It seems there is only one person that it can be" Snow murmers "Aria, you will be the girl from 11"

"No, I didn't volunteer, I can't do that, I just can't, I can't kill people and then win"

"Well, that's a shame" Crane smiles 

"Right now back to your jail block, you will receive training and plenty of it, so if you don't feel you can win now, like Aria over here, you will" He shouts "And did I mention this will be a televised event?" 

There are grunts of dismay from among the crowd.

"Well, it will, right off you go"

As we are leaving snow shouts to us

"And remember Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"


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