How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


21. Left Alone

The last four, we assume, are the deadliest tributes, hungry for blood. The next morning as the sun rises, we are made aware of who we are to face in the final battle. Faces appear in the sky, faces of the dead, I see the faces of the ones who have tried to kill me. Their eyes burn into my soul. I shudder. 

"Cold?" Adam asks

"No, it's just..." I look up at the sky in dismay. "Ugh, I don't really know."

We carefully go through our opponents, there are six left, including us. 

The other four include the boys from 6 and 7, the ones who attacked us, Theo, he must have escaped before Freya arrived and finally a girl from 8, Ria. 

"If you won't kill them, I guess i'll have to." Adam says finally, clutching his knife so tightly, his knuckles turn red. 

"Please Adam, the boys from 6 and 7 said they would kill us if we crossed them." 

"It's okay, i'll wait until later, and then go, they won't even know what hit them." 

He seems to be enjoying the thought of killing them way too much. 


Later that day Adam leaves me by myself. He has sworn that he will not return until he has killed them. 

I am left, armed with a small knife to fend for myself for a few hours. I sit by the tree, making sure  I stay silent, so I can hear everything around me. My heartbeat is the only thing that I am aware of, it is thumping so hard inside my chest, I start to get worried that someone will hear. I try to slow my breathing, but even the thought of having the ability to kill another person terrifies me. 



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