How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


15. False Hope

I see Freya dash towards a large spherical building, which I assume is the cornucopia that Snow told us about. It is so odd to see such an innocent girl grabbing such a deadly weapon and hurling it at someone that she has never even talked to before. 

The girl from 2 falls to the floor, I see no wound, but I can tell from her sickening screams that there must be one. Freya throws the weapon again, and a loud boom echoes around me, confirming that Freya has just killed her. I think about her crimes, what she could have done to deserve such an undignified end. 

I am frozen to the spot, and people have started to notice. Aware of my weakness since the accident in the training room, they all see me as the perfect target, as someone to kill first. And because I missed training, I have no skills with the weapons provided, not that I would want to anyway. Even in this situation, murder is wrong!

The boy from 4, ready to kill me, he swings his knife and I shut my eyes, waiting for impact. But nothing happens. 

"What the hell are you doing?" Adam shouts, shooting an arrow at the boy, who then falls to the floor. 

"Waiting to die!" I say. 

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in the side of my stomach. 

I scream, clutching the wound hard. 

"Aria!" Adam shouts lunging for the attacker. 

I feel like I want to fall to the floor, but something stops me. 

"Please Adam." I shout "I'm scared, don't let me die yet!" 

He wraps his arms around me and starts to pull me towards the forest. 

No one seems to follow, they probably think I am close to death anyway. 

As I stumble through the dense forest, Adam at my side. Blood seeps through my fingers, even though I am keeping a firm grip on the area where the knife hit. 

"Stop, please." I beg, but he keeps pulling me further and further in the forest. 

My body is close to giving up. I push his arm away and fall to the ground. 

"Aria, come on, we have to keep moving." He pushes my hand away from the wound to see the damage. I feel more blood soaking my clothes. Adam quickly covers it with his own hand. 

"Okay, okay." His voice is deep, and unconvinced of my fate. 

"Something's got to come, maybe a sponsor will help, maybe..." 

"Stop." I interrupt "Stop with the false hope, I'm dead anyway!" 
"No! I won't let you die!" He insists pushing my brown hair out of my face. 

"You promised, you promised you would win, you promised." 

He smiles "You didn't seriously believe that did you?" 

I shake my head, even though it kills me to even move a muscle. I clutch his free hand and squeeze it hard. 

"I love you Adam, but you are the worst at keeping promises." I use my free hand to grab a rock from behind me. "At least I can say that I kept mine." 

Quickly I pull the rock out and with all the strength I can gather up hit him hard on the head. I know that it wont cause him any permanent damage, but a part of me feels guilty, even though I'm saving his life. 

He falls to the ground, unconscious. 

And after I have whispered "I love you Adam." One last time, I do the same.  

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