How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


25. Epilogue

1 Year Later...

I stand on the balcony in our penthouse in the Capitol. I am hidden from the world, as everyone thinks that I am dead, forced to live in the Capitol, away from the place that I call home, even though there is nothing left for me there anymore. The snow has just started to fall, leaving a dusting of it on every roof in sight. 

"Are you okay?" Adam whispers. 

As the crowd start to cheer, ready for the reaping, my heart skips a beat. I hate Snow for what he did to us, but I hoped he would have not continued with the Games. I loathe him even more now. 


"Yes." I sigh 

The images of the fallen from last years games flash across giant screens. I see my face near the end. A film of the fight between me and Theo plays to the cheering crowds. I see myself, stabbing Theo, the terror in his eyes as he defensively picks up his own knife and throws it at me. 

Adam hugs me, shielding the screen from view. 

"Don't watch." 

The love that I feel makes me feel safe in an unsafe world. 

As they start to pick the next tributes, I want to jump down onto the icy pavement, I would rather die than watch the games again. The young children that are picked, shuffle up to the stage, one shaky step after another. I grip Adam's hand as a girl, the same age as me is picked. A skinny, scrawny girl, who looks in horror at her mother as she stands next to the bowl of names, it still hasn't hit her that she hasn't got a chance of making it. 

I hear rumors that Districts 1 and 2 have started to train the children and teenagers, to make them ready to fight. It shouldn't be like that. Children should be children, not soldiers. 

I pray for their safety, that they will not feel too much pain when they are brutally murdered. 

"What do we do Adam?" I say shakily, holding onto the bars of the balcony for balance. 

"We wait." His answer is so short and so full of certainty that I feel like something has to happen. 

Something has to happen, something will happen!


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