How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


13. Display of Love

The next few days disappear in a flash and suddenly I am left with the reality that I am about to enter the arena. As i rise from my cell bed for the final time my legs shake like jelly under me and I feel like I am about to collapse, but Adam is there to help me along. I stumble towards the plane behind Adam. His confidence shines through today. 

Just as we are about to get on the plane he stops and turns to me. The tributes behind us tut and walk around us. 

"It's not like we're in a hurry." he shouts after them. 

He slips his hands around my waist and whispers...

"Thought we should make it official!" 

Then he kisses me in view of everyone. I shut my eyes and try to imagine us away from the Capitol. If I could freeze this moment and live in it forever, then my life would surely be complete. 

I hear a small clap from behind us. I carefully pull myself away and turn around to see a small Capitol woman in a fancy dress clapping quietly. One by one, all the people in the room join in, and although it means nothing to them. It means everything to me. 

We clasp each others hands and although we don't say it, we know this may be the last time we have the opportunity to show our love for each other. 

"I love you, and I will forever, just promise me one thing?" 

He nods. 

"When you are announced as the winner, and have earned your freedom, be happy, but please, don't forget me."


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