How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


2. Arguments and News

I don't understand, what is "hunger games". One thing's for sure, if President Snow planned it, it's sure to be awful. I rush back to the cabin, where the others are sitting patiently.

"Where were you?" asks Theya "You've been gone for ages" 

"Just went to the toilet" I mumble, I don't want to worry them, they have gone through enough today. With no family, I have no one to tell. The secret is killing me. I have to tell someone. 

I lay awake in bed, thinking. I go through a list of people in my head. I need to target the problem at it's source. After careful consideration, I get up, out of bed and tiptoe along the train. The head peacekeeper is still awake, chatting to the man with the beard. I take a deep breath and knock.

"Come in" A gruff voice shouts. I enter, shaking.

"Well, if it isn't our wannabe thief, Aria" the peacekeeper says in a mocking tone. 

"This the one you were telling me about?" asks the man with the beard

"Oh yea, she almost got away, but I'm too clever, aren't I" he replies

I hate this guy. He thinks he's so clever, I can't stand how he mocks me. I learn that the head peacekeeper's name is Senneca, Senneca Crane. And the man with the beard is Herald. 

Finally I feel brave enough to ask. "Mr Crane, what is the hunger games"

His jaw drops. "What?"

"I asked what is the hunger games" My hands are shaking like crazy now. 

He points to the chair opposite where they are sitting. I take a seat.

"Aria, seems you're a eavesdropper as well as a thief" he says, "Did you fancy listening in on our conversation earlier?" 

I shake my head. "I didn't mean to listen, I just did"

"This will go down as another crime" He pulls out a notebook. "Your sentence will be long, or maybe we will just put you in the hunger games"

"What is it?" I scream. I'm losing my patience.

He leans in, and make eye contact.  "I suppose, you'll just have to wait and find out"

I stamp my feet on the ground. "Haven't you punished me enough, I don't get to say goodbye to my family, I'm put on a train, with no one I know. and know this" 

Herald walks to the door and presses a buzzer. Footsteps echo through the carriage. 

I stand up. "If you don't tell me, i'll, i'll..."

"You'll what?"

At that point a group of peacekeepers storm in, and escort me back to my cabin.

The commotion has woken everyone up. They all look at me, like i'm a common criminal. I'm no criminal. I am a starving girl from district 11. I just wanted food, I never meant for this to happen.

Halfway through the night, I hear a tap at the door. I open it to find Freya.

"Aria, I just heard them" she says in a panicking tone

"Heard what?"

she takes a deep breath "They're dead, your family, they're dead!" 

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