How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


9. An unwelcome surprise

A loud sound interrupts my frantic search for Scarlet. The other boy from my district, Theo scampers to my side wearing an outfit practically identical to mine. Each district seems to be wearing a colour, all of them glowing in the dim lights back stage. 

"Have you seen Scarlet?" I whisper to Theo.

He directs a confused face at me. "Who's Scarlet?" He asks.

"My stylist, she's just disappeared!" 

"Forget about her, she doesn't care about you, just the Capitol and where her next meal is coming from." 

Something in the tone of his voice is filled with disgust for the stylists. But no matter how harsh his words and how sternly he orders me to forget, all I can picture is a lonely teenager without anyone in the world to love, she was so much like me. 

As the small chariots pull out onto the gravel, the audience seated to our left erupts into screams and shouts. They seem too excited. I stare straight ahead, hoping I don't make eye contact with anyone supporting the murder of 23 innocent teenagers. My fiery temper has already been ignited. I can feel it burning inside of me. 

Towards the front, Freya stand on her chariot with another young boy around her age smiling like she is happy with the prospect of being killed. But behind the grin, she is screaming, I can see it, screaming for justice and help. 

Adam's eyes are searching the room for mine adn I catch his gaze just in time, before Preseident Snow starts to speak. 

"Tributes. Panem was running out of ideas, ideas on how to control you as a nation. But now we can say that we have found our saviour. Today we introduce, The Hunger Games!"

The crowd goes wild, pointing and cheering at us. I feel Theo's fist clenching beside me and his face turning red. 

"I am happy to say." He continues "That if this turns out to be a success we will be trying this out next year, in fact, the Captiol is hoping for this to be an annual occasion. To remind the districts that the Captiol is in control, and you would not survive without us." 

The crowd agrees with him, shouting loudly. 

"Let the first Hunger Games be a great success, and for those hoping to win, may the odds be ever in your favour!"

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