How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


20. An explanation

I kneel over Freya's lifeless body. I think about her crime, unexplained. About how she had killed in the beginning. 

I feel a hand on my shoulder. Adam.

I turn around and fall into his arms, tired of this rubbish. Eager to get these games over with. 

"She was so brave, I'm so sorry." he whispers as my eyes fill with tears. 

"So Brave"

"You know Aria, there's only four left. If we kill..." 

"No!" I interrupt "No more killing!" 


That evening, Adam attempts to explain his role in the games. 

"I was never going to get hurt, I would just return with the winner, or victor as they want it to be." 

I try to cram this new information into my head. 

"They would never see what happened to me." 

"So where do I come in?" I ask

"You're the victor!" 

Suddenly everything fits into place.  

"Just tell me truthfully Adam" I stare into his eyes

"Did you ever love me?" "Oh, Aria, I have always loved you." He edges closer to me and clutches my hand.

"None of that was fake!" 

lay my head down in his lap and he strokes my curls. 

"So, if you insist on not killing anyone, i'll just have to keep you alive until the others give up!"

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