How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


7. An Acquaintance

That afternoon we are taken to a room, filled with racks of clothes and shoes, and make up piled high. We chat for a few minutes and then quiet falls across the audience as Snow walks in.

"In two weeks, you will be in the hunger games. Not all of you will be killed by each other. Some of you will die from natural causes. Therefore it is important for the capitol to sponsor their favourite. Sponsors will be able to send their tributes food and other necessary things. Tonight we will show you off to the Capitol." 

He smiles at the audience

"The importance of tonight cannot be emphasized enough, fail this, and you will fail overall, and it is on that note that I introduce your stylists"

One after another 24 stylists enter the room. They have capitol like appearances, but they don't look happy. I notice one girl stylist at the end, seconds away from crying. Seneca Crane pokes her with his cane. She stand up straight, like a soldier, and gulps  back the tears. This is all odd. Too odd.

He tells everyone who our stylists will be. When he reached twelve he announces that I have a stylist called Scarlet Fox. The first thing I think is, what a beautiful name she has.

Snow leads us to our dressing rooms. All 24 are identical. All equipped with make-up, shoes and clothes. 

We are left in them for a few seconds and then the stylists enter. 

"Hi there, my names Scarlet, Scarlet Fox" 

It's the girl from the end of the line. Who looked to sad to be a capitol citizen. 

"Why were you so sad?" I ask, ignoring her introduction.


"Yes you looked like you were going to cry out there"

"Oh that" She turns away "It's nothing, just bad news"

"Care to expand?" I want to know more

"Look, I could ask lots of questions about you, but I'm not" she whispers in a menacing tone "I could ask you how you got arrested"

I stare in horror, how does she know?

"How do you kn?"

"But I won't" she interrupts. "Now can we get on"

She pulls my hair out of it's plait and lets it cascade down my back. It's like she's forgotten argument.

"You have beautiful hair" She stares in awe

I have always loved my hair. Its a dark red/orange colour. And it curls in a way that compliments me very well. 

"I wish I had beautiful hair" She pulls it out of its ponytail and lets it fall to her waist. It's the longest hair I've ever seen. 

"I know what you're thinking, it's not a pain, it so lovely and long, but I can never put it up properly"

I stand up. 
"Sit, I order, I'm going to braid your hair"

She sits and I run the hair through my fingers. It's so silky soft. I pull it to one side. But something catches my eye.

She's wearing a top that curves inwards at the back and on her back near her shoulder. She has a tattoo. It says in curvy writing "Property of the Capitol" And a small skull sits next to it.



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