How the Hunger Games Started

This is about a time before the hunger games. This is how the hunger games started. It is different to how the book says.


18. A conversation

We have no way of telling the time in the arena, but the way the sun sets and rises as it does on the outside world gives us some indication. 

Freya had gone by the next morning, probably to kill another innocent person, something I still refuse to do, which only left me and Adam. Something feels different between us. I have been trying to piece together the warnings, from my mother and Scarlet, both of them telling me to watch out, beware of him. 

"Can you think of any reason why someone would warn me about you." He stops sharpening his knife and looks up at me. 

"Nope." He seems honest enough, but something tells me that he is lying. 

"Please be honest with me!" I plead "Or i'll go!" 

"I can't let you go Aria, you're all I have, even though the Capitol owns me, that will always be true."

I get up, still talking through the pain "Well come and find me when you're ready to explain." 

I walk away, not even turning to see if he is following me. My feet make loud noises with each step. I am so caught up in my thoughts that I don't notice the tributes from District 1 and the boy from 2 sneaking up from behind.

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