It's You

Alexis is just a normal 17 year old girl but when she gets tickets to a One Direction concert, her whole world becomes crazy than ever. What will happen when she gets to the concert? What will come after? You'll have to read to find out!


25. Really

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up at around 10 am. I had the best dream last night. I played it over and over in my head while I stared at the ceiling. I was at a party and I was dancing with the most beautiful girl. I couldn't remember what she looked like which made me a little upset but I shrugged it off because it was only a dream. I stretched my arms above my head and yawned. I swung my legs over the bed and stood up. I felt something sticky. Honey?! What the hell? How is there honey on my floor? I tried to move my feet but ended up slipping. I reached my hand up trying to grab for something to hold onto. I grabbed some kind of rope. Big mistake. It ripped down the shelf above the bed. Down came a bunch of water balloons. Obviously filled with water. I tried to move out of the way but didn't get so lucky. I was drenched from head to toe. Apparently, the rope was connected to my fan. It spun faster and faster until white things were flying around everywhere. Feathers? I ran my fingers through my hair and down my face noticing something soft on both. Whipped cream? What is going on!? I was finally able to move my feet out of the honey. I run towards my door and pull it open rubbing my eyes as I do. An instant coldness covered my body. I jump, shivering. Something cold sliding down my back, leaving a wet trail. Ice? Really? What is going on! I run to the bathroom and jump into the shower, turning on the hot water. I take a quick shower and wrap a towel around me. I walk into the kitchen and grab an apple. I sit down and realize Harry sitting down across from me. He's chuckling but keeping the sound trapped inside.
"What are you laughing at?" I say in my groggy morning voice, taking a bite out of my apple.

Harry's P.O.V.

I walk into the kitchen and sit down while toast is toasting. I hear a thump and the sound of a fan being turned on. Niall is awake. I get up to tell the others, but then remember the video camera we set up. I would just show them later. I hear the crash of the bucket falling and the sound of footprints running. The shower turns on and I run into his room. I pull the camera out from the hiding spot and smile to myself. I press the "stop" button so it would stop recording and turn it off. I walk into the kitchen again and hide the camera in the cupboard. I sit back down and chuckle a bit to myself. Niall walks in and grabs an apple. He sits down across from me and I can't control myself. I start shaking from trying to contain my laughter.
"What are you laughing at?" Niall asks me whilst taking a bite of his apple.
"Nothing really. How did you sleep?" I ask, trying to keep a straight face. Apparently, it doesn't work. His eyes widen.
"YOU DID THIS?" He yells.
"Did what?" I say, raising my hands in protest.
"ALL THAT STUFF IN MY ROOM!" He puffs out.
"Oh that. Well I had some help." I say grinning. He jumps out of his seat and and nearly grabs me by my shirt. I jump and run down the hall.
"LOUIS! LOU HELP ME!" I scream as I pound on his door.
"What do you want!?" He groans. I push him backwards and run into his room, hiding behind him. He slowly sinks to the floor falling asleep again. Louis is useless when he's tired. Niall burst through the door. His face a burning red. He storms in and stops in front of me before bursting into fits of laughter. He grabs his stomach and falls on the ground. He's rolling now with a few tears slipping down his face. His cheeks are a pinkish color and he's not stopping. He finally stops laughing and stands up taking a deep breath. He holds his hand out and I grab it nervously.
"I gotta say that was a fantastic prank bro."
"You're not mad?" I ask confused.
"No, actually I think it's really funny."
"Well then you're going to think this is totally hilarious." I tell him.
"What?" He says.
"We video taped it." That's when his smile faded and he became, what looked like, embarrassed. Very, very embarrassed.

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