It's You

Alexis is just a normal 17 year old girl but when she gets tickets to a One Direction concert, her whole world becomes crazy than ever. What will happen when she gets to the concert? What will come after? You'll have to read to find out!


4. Nervous

Skylar's P.O.V.

I look over at Alexis and she's listening to her ipod, mouthing the words to the song. I look back at the road. Were about 3 miles til the airport and all I can think about is flying. Flying. Flying. Flying. I start to get really nervous. My hands start to get sweaty and my stomach is doing some karate moves. My bottom lip starts to quiver and I can feel the tears form in my eyes. I try to blink them away but it doesn't do anything but make more. I can feel a tear slide down my cheek. I try to wipe it away quickly so she wouldn't notice, but apparently I wasn't quick enough.

Alexis' P.O.V.

*I wanna be first yeah, wanna be the first to take it all away like this* I'm mouthing the words to Last First Kiss when I look over at Skylar. She looks a bit nervous and I understand. She's afraid of flying in planes so I just shake it off hoping she'll be alright. I go back to singing the song but out of the corner of my eye I see her quickly put her hand up to her face then back on the steering wheel. I stop the music and take my headphones out.
"Sky are you okay?" I ask worried a bit.
"Yeah I-I'm fine.." She stutters out.
"Skylar your not okay your crying. Whats wrong?" I stare at her while she keeps her eyes glued to the road. She doesn't answer me. "Pull over."
She finds a place to stop and slowly pulls over. I jump out of my seat and go to the drivers side. I open her door and she climbs to my seat. I start the car and pull back onto the road.
"Now tell me whats wrong." She had stopped crying at this point but her eyes were red and puffy and she was taking deep breaths trying to calm herself down.
"I'm just nervous." She blurts out.
"Skylar you're going to be fine and I wouldn't say that to you just to make you feel better. You're going to be just fine. Do you want to sit by the aisle?"
"Yes..."she whispers.
"Okay, as long as you're comfortable." I give her a reassuring smile.
"Thanks Lexi." She smiles back.
I drive the rest of the way to the airport. We park the car in the parking garage, grab our luggage, and head to the front desk. I'm just now remembering. Skylar hasn't told me where were going, or where our seats are.

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