It's You

Alexis is just a normal 17 year old girl but when she gets tickets to a One Direction concert, her whole world becomes crazy than ever. What will happen when she gets to the concert? What will come after? You'll have to read to find out!


3. Leaving

Alexis' P.O.V.

I wake up to someone banging on the floor. "ALEXIS GET UP SKYLARS HERE!" I hear my mom yell. I slowly open my eyes and let out a slight groan. I snuggle up under my covers when I remember. I have a concert to go to! My eyes fly open and I leap out of bed! I get dressed in some leggings and a mickey mouse long sleeve shirt. I put my hair in a messy bun and don't even worry about my makeup. I grab my suitcase and carry-on and rushed upstairs. "Hey!" I say as I climb the stairs.
"Hey how did you know we were leaving today?" Skylar asked questioningly.
I gave her a look that said "C'mon I'm your best friend. You don't think I would know when we were leaving?
"Alright then! I guess we can get an earlier flight." She said excitedly.
I gave her a weird look. "I thought you didn't like flying.." I said more quietly then meant.
"I don't but I thought it over and since it's your birthday and it's like the only way to get there, I told myself only this one time." She smiled at me. I dropped my stuff and gave her the biggest hug I have probably ever given anyone.
"Ha ha okay well we should probably get going so we can get a good flight." She says
I let go of her and give her a big smile. I run over to my mom and give her a big hug and kiss her on the cheek.
"I'll text you when I get to the airport and call you every few hours or so." I say into her neck.
"Alright sweetie. I love you." She says her.
"I love you too." I release her from the hug and give her a smile.  "I'll call you soon."
I grab my bags and run outside. Skylar is already in the car. I throw my stuff in back and turn back to give my mom a final wave before leaving. I hop inside and we drive off towards the airport.

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