It's You

Alexis is just a normal 17 year old girl but when she gets tickets to a One Direction concert, her whole world becomes crazy than ever. What will happen when she gets to the concert? What will come after? You'll have to read to find out!


13. Ex

Zayn's P.O.V.

I jumped up from the floor and flew through their door. I ran down the hall and up the stairs. I got to my room and banged on the door. I was staying with Niall. Liam was sharing a room with Harry and Louis. Niall opened the door and he looked a little worried he had a serious look on his face.
"What's the matter mate?" I asked him as I slid past him through the door. I soon knew why.
"Perrie....?" I said confused. She was sitting on the bed. As soon as I said her name, her head shot up and she ran toward me. She threw her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I grabbed her back so she wouldn't fall. I walked towards the bed and sat her down. She wouldn't let go of me.
"Perrie..." I tried saying. She cut me off.
"No Zayn! I'm not letting you go!" She yelled. I could feel her face in my neck burning up. She was going to cry. I let go of her back and grabbed her hands. I peeled them off from around my neck. She just stared at me with a shocked look on her face.
"Zayn..." She whispered. I could tell she was trying to say something else, but it wouldn't come out.
"No Perrie. I'm sorry. I gave you a second chance and you blew it. You knew how I felt about you and you didn't think twice without doing it!" My voice was getting louder now. "You cheated on me! Twice Perrie! With the same guy! Go back to him because I'm not going to be your little toy anymore! You..." She cut me off.
"I said I loved you. I meant it. You said it back to me! I know you still like me Zayn." She got up off the bed and slowly walked toward me. She was trying to reel me back in. "I love you Zayn. You know I do.." She looked at me with a little smirk. She was playing me. She wrapped her hands around my neck and leaned in. Before she got to my lips I said
"No." She looked at me stunned before I knew it Niall was trying to hold her back from hitting me. I was holding her hands but she was trying to kick me. Niall finally got a good grip of her and I ran out the door to find security. Once they escorted her out I laid on my bed. DAMN. I hopped off the bed and grabbed some clothes. I threw them on and ran out the door. I banged on Liam's door.
"LIAM WE GOT TO GO!" I called through the door. Liam opened up and was rubbing his eyes.
"Mate we have to go back to see Skylar and Alexis!" I said as i smacked his face a bit to wake him up. Apparently when I mentioned Skylar, his eyes shot open and he grabbed a t-shirt lying on the floor. He already had some sweatpants on. He grabbed the key off his bed and we booked it down the hall.

I have absolutely nothing against Zerrie! I think they are the cutest thing in the world! I would never try to hurt them. This is just for the sake of the story. THANKS FOR READING<3

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