It's You

Alexis is just a normal 17 year old girl but when she gets tickets to a One Direction concert, her whole world becomes crazy than ever. What will happen when she gets to the concert? What will come after? You'll have to read to find out!


22. Concert

Liam's P.O.V.

The girls hadn't shown up yet but I didn't worry. 10 minutes before we had to take stage they showed up. I smiled as Skylar walked up to the door. She looked beautiful. As always. Her hair was curled and the shirt she had on complemented her eyes with everything they were. It seemed like they were having a hard time trying to get passed the security guard. I could hear their conversation.
"Hi! We're Alexis Girouard and Skylar Gaudette."
"Nice to know."
"Um.." I saw her nudge Alexis.
"Oh!" Alexis said a little embarrassed. She reached into her purse and pulled out the V.I.P. passes and their tickets. She tried handing them to the security guard but he wouldn't take them.
"Nice try. You can stand over there with the others." He pushed them aside and I saw the hurt looks on their faces. I grabbed Zayn's forearm and dragged him over. The security guard was talking to two other girls now.
"See! I told you they would come for us!" A blonde haired girl said. She grabbed her friend and ran toward us.
"Babe!" She smiled. "I thought you would never come get us!" She threw her arms around my neck. Her friend who was a redhead grabbed Zayn's hand. They both tried to land a kiss on our lips.
"That's because we never would." They looked at us like we had just slapped them across the face. "Now if you will excuse us we need to get our girls." We led the girls to the security guard who put them in the back of the line.
"Skylar?" I called out. I heard crying over in a corner. Zayn and I walked over. There was Alexis with her arms wrapped tightly around Skylar's shoulders.
"Lex what's going on?" Zayn asked her as he sat down.
"She thought Liam was cheating on her."
"I would never ever EVER hurt her like that. Not in anyway shape of form!" Zayn grabbed Alexis' hand and took her inside. I sat down next to Skylar and pulled her into my arms. She didn't try to get free she just sat there and curled up to my chest.
"I'm sorry about the security guard, he deals with that almost every concert. I'm sorry about those girls. They are nothing compared to you. You're my one and only and I would never in a million years hurt you. I promise. It will always be you." I whispered into her hair. I let a tear slip down my cheek. She looked up and giggled a little.
"Why are you crying?" She whispered into my chest.
"I thought I lost you." She leaned up and I kissed her on the lips.
"You never did." She smiled. I kissed her nose and wiped away her tears. She wiped the one that went down my cheek and we stood up. I wrapped my hands around her waist and we walked inside.
"Liam we have 2 minutes!" Niall shouts at me.
"Coming!" I yell back. I bring Skylar to Alexis and they sit on the side of the stage as they watched the performance. We opened the concert with "What Makes You Beautiful". We then went on to sing "Moments", "Summer Love", " More Than This", and "Over Again". We ended with "Live While Were Young" and "Little Things". We did a mix of our two albums which the fans seemed to really enjoy. Nothing got thrown on stage which was a plus considering everything that has ended up on the stage. We said goodnight to our fans then left the stage.
"You did amazing!" Skylar and Alexis said in unison. They both stood up and we pulled them into hugs. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around hers. I kissed her for a few seconds but then decided we should all vote. Should we go to the after party or should we go to dinner and an activity?

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