love struck

Taylor is your typical teenage girl. She has her two best friends Hannah and Aly. She loves one direction and food. But all her life completely turns around when she meets her favourite member of one direction. Will she stay in london or go off will somebody she barley knows?


3. wanna hang?

~harrys P.O.V.~

 I cant belive nialls found someone. Im soo happy for him. Its been soo long since heshad someone for his own. weve all had girlfriends and i feel sorry for him. he says hes waiting for his princess and i think he might have finnaly found her.She sounds perfect for him. I mean she loves food what more could he ask for! We made it to nandos and he hasnt even paid attention to his food. "Niall are you going to eat?" i say. "Wh-What oh yeah." he says, taking a big bite out of his chicken peri peri. The other lads and i exchange looks. This must be some girl.


~taylors P.O.V~

WOW. just wow. I cant belive im actually texting niall horan! From Nialler<3: hey taylor! and nothing at nandos. what about you? of couse hes eating. To nialler<3: haha lucky! and nothing just sitting in my flat. im super bored. From niall: well were getting ready to leave nandos, would you like to come over? OH MY GOSH. NIALL JAMES HORAN JUST ASKED ME TO COME HANGOUT WITH HIM. AHH. i have to tell hannah and aly! i text them both using group message. To hannah, aly: OMG GUYS COME OVER NOW I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHINGS BIG. omg what should i wear. i have NO clothes! From aly: sure whats up? from hannah: alright haha whats going on? To hannah,aly: Ill tell you all when you get her just hurry. To nialler<3: yeah that sounds great! is sixish okay? From nialler<3: Yes! see ya then. then i heard a knock on my door i jump up to see aly and hannah standing there with very confused looks on the faces. "okay so before you guys passout and have heart attacks sit down."i say laughing. knowing they probably will. " Taylor whats going on!" they say simotainously. " okay so i may have sortof run in to niall horan at the grocery.." i say waiting for there reactions. their jaws dropped and you could here the air swish. "OH MY GOSH. WHAT DID HE SAY? HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET? DO YOU THINK HE LIKES YOU. OH MY GOD THIS IS CRAZY!" they throw the questions at me so fast i can barley process what their saying. " guys slow down a bit! lets see he asked me if i needed help picking up the bread i knocked over when i tripped over the trooly wheel spilling out bread all over the floor! and i mean idk i got his number but i dont thinks so. i looked a wreck." i say. "oh my godness leave it to you to be clumsy in front of niall freaking horan! hannah says. yeah i know i cant belive i embaressd myself like that. "He asked me to come over at six and its five what should i wear?!" i say. "i know the perfect outfit!" hannahs says. thank god she knew becuse i had no idea.

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