love struck

Taylor is your typical teenage girl. She has her two best friends Hannah and Aly. She loves one direction and food. But all her life completely turns around when she meets her favourite member of one direction. Will she stay in london or go off will somebody she barley knows?


1. starstruck

~taylors P.O.V~

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. I roll over and try to turn of my alarm clock without looking because im too comfy where I are. But I cant seem to find the button on the clock so I just yank out the cord. I look at your phone to see what time it is. GAH. Its 6:30. " I hate School" I grumble, rolling out of bed and looking in the mirror. My hair is a complete mess! I hop in the shower trying to think of what im going to wear today. I hop out of the shower and go put on my black yoga leggings,tan oversized sweater and some black boots. I go to the bathroom to blow dry my long wavy red hair. Then I reach down to get my cosmetics. i decide thant im going to go simple today just some mascara a hint of eye liner to highlight my green eyes and some red lipstick. I go downstairs to get some breakfeast when I see my 18 year old brother eating my  favourite cereal. " Seriously Kyle!" I yell. "What did I do this time!?" he replies with a sleepy voice. "You just ate the last of the cereal! What am i supposed to eat now?" I say angry. "Well I dont know. eat a banana. he says sarcastically, Knowing I hate bananas. Im not a very picky person. I will eat any thing you give me. But i HATE  bananas. " haha very funny ky! I guess ill live until lunch." i say still sort of mad. "thanks tay." he says. " Well im off to school see you later!" "Oh wait! Mom wanted me to tell your to stop and get some groceries after school." he says. "Try not to buy the whole store!" he says chuckling. "will do!" I say laughing. I eat alot for a 17 year old girl. My stomach is like a bottomless pit. Its a good thing i have a high metabolisum becauseif not i would a ton! I grab my keys and drive to school. its a typical school day. Boring. Nothing too hard. My two best friends Hannah and Aly and I goof of as always. Hannah has been my best mate since pre school. She was shortish around 5'2 and she has brown eyes and reddish brown hair. She was pale. not as pale as me but pretty pale. She alway is the funny one and she can make anyone feel better if the are sad. Aly is also shortish shes 5'3 and has long blonde hair and blue eyes. We all absolutley LOVE one direction. Hannah fancys Harry. Aly fancys Zayn. And I fancy Niall hes perfect.   i love his crooked teeth even though he just got his braces of and now there perfect and straight. His glacier blue eyes. And Dont even get me started on his accent! The schools day finnaly ends. oh! i remeber i have to go to the store to get food. I go to the bread isle remebering that we were out. i pick up a loaf of bread trip over the trolley wheel knocked bread to the floor. "Can i help you with that?" a irish voice says behind me. " oh no im fine."I say as I     stand up looking to see who it was. my heart nearly stops as i look up and see niall horan standing before me.My heart is beating as fast as a humming birds wings. Even though im tottaly fangirling on the inside I decide to keep it cool and not jump or scream or cry. " h-hi" I say. Oh my goodness.

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