love struck

Taylor is your typical teenage girl. She has her two best friends Hannah and Aly. She loves one direction and food. But all her life completely turns around when she meets her favourite member of one direction. Will she stay in london or go off will somebody she barley knows?


2. Nosy lads.

Oh my goodness. She was beautiful. She had long red hair that fell over her shoulders and ended about to her belly button. She had the most stunning green eyes i had ever seen. She was tallish about my hight. 5'5 maybe? "H-hi." she said. Did she know who i was? or was she just shy? "Hi im Niall Horan. whats your name?" i say, trying to start a conversation. "Hello niall, im taylor. taylor griffaw." she says. "well you seem to be quite the clutz taylor.taylor griffaw." i say, laughing. She blushes a deep scarlet and smiles at the ground. God shes killing me. "Thats me!" she says and laughs. "so Taylor i know we just met and dont really know each other should text me some time?" i say hopeful shell say yes. " Sure that would be great!" she says. SCOREEE! We exchange numbers and then she says she has to get home and start on dinner. She can cook to? am i finding the perfect girl? stop. i tell myself. you barley know her. All of a sudden i get a text hopful its her i quickly unlock my phone. Nope. Just harry. i read it: from: hazza:D hey niallator meet me and the lads back at the condo we are going to get together and go out to eat. to:hazza:D that sounds great be there in a few. As im driving home i find myself thinking about taylor. Ivv waited so long for someone. Could she be the one? i find myslef in deep thought when i arrive at the condo. the boys are all gathered on the couch watching the telly. "NIALLLLL!" louis yells. "BOOBEAR!" i yell back  laughing. "get ready niall were going to nandos!" "OH MY GOSH YES!"i yell and run up stairs to get ready. I throw on some khaki pants white supras and white v-neck and head down stairs. we all head out and get in the car. my phone vibrates. from: Taylor<3 "Hey! whats up?" i smile instantally, "why so giddy niall?" harry asks? "Oh nothing." i reply blushing, "oooooh! does niall have a crush on somebody?" say louis. "No! i dont have a crush on anyone.." i say my voice cracking at the end. Damn im a horribal liar. "NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND. NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND!" they chanted. can i ever get a break? " No i really dont guys."i say. "Then why soo cheeky?" liam says. "Well i dont have a girlfriend-" i say. "LIAR!" harry yells. "would you let me finish?" i say annoyed. "I never said i didnt like anyone.." i say un confident. "OH MY GOODNESS!" they all yell. it was a true shock for everyone. I hadnt dated anyone since the xfactor. i was always the lonley fifth wheel. "Whats she like?" liam asks. "Shes beautiful." i say. "Where did you all meet?" zayn asks. "Well we met at the grocery. She tripped over the wheel of the trolley and knocked bread everywhere so i asked if she needed help and she said no and when she stood up it was like i got hit by a freight train. shes was absolutley stunning."I say.They all laugh. What does she look like?" louis asks. " Shes got long red hair and bright green eyes shes about as tall as me and by the look of her cart she loves food. just like me!" I say happily. "She sounds perfect for you." harry adds. "Oh belive me,she is."

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