love struck

Taylor is your typical teenage girl. She has her two best friends Hannah and Aly. She loves one direction and food. But all her life completely turns around when she meets her favourite member of one direction. Will she stay in london or go off will somebody she barley knows?


5. food fight.

~taylors P.O.V.~

oh my gosh. niall just wrapped his arm around me. "we should watcha movie guys!" zayn suggests. "that sounds cool. What should we watch?" i ask. "TOY STORY!" liam says. "no! weve watched it a million times!" everyone yells. " well then..." liam mumbles. " lets watch something scary!" harrys says. oh god no. i absolutley HATE scary movies. "can we please not scary movies..scare me." i say. "its okay ill keep you safe." niall says. i smile and can feel the blood rushing to my face. great. always the blusher. the boys decide to watch dont be afraid of the dark. for most of the movie i hide my face in nialls chest. he smelled amazing! when the movies were over the boys suggested we go out and drink. "i only 17." i say, feeling guilty. "its alright lads you go out and have some fun ill stay here with taylor." niall suggests. "oh no niall you dont have to do that i can go home.." i say. " its fine taylor i want to." he says. the boys head out "By you all"I say as they walk through the door. " bye taylor bye niall! have fun!" they snicker. oh great. this should be fun.

~Nialls P.O.V.~

I could kill them. "have fun!" like are you trying to give me away? "so what do you want to do?" she says. " oh i mean its up to you." i say. "we could go out to eat or make some food." as if on cue my stomach growls. we both look down at my stomach and laugh. she has the cutest laugh. " sombody sounds a little hungry!" she says. "You know what sounds good?" i say. "What?" she replies. "Pancakes!" i say. "Those sound awesome!" she says. "Great!" i say. when head to the kitchen and get out the stuff for pancakes.I see she has out some white cake mix and is adding iit to the batter for the pancakes. "What are you doing?" i say with a confused face. "youve never had these?" she says. "nope! are they good?" why dont your try a bit she says smearing some on my face. "oh its on!" I grab some flour and throw it in her face. "You did not just do that!" she says laughing. "oh yes i did!" i say grinning. she grabs a spoon full of pancake batter and is about to fling it at me when i grab a handful of flour and run. i take of my shirt not wanting it to get ruined. and she chases after me. " Iv got you cornered" she says with a smirk. she runs up to me and just when she is about to fling the batter on me i throw the flour at her. "You little sneak!"she says she raises her spoon and i dodge it tripinng over her legs and falling to the ground bringing her with me. i lad on top off her leaning up on my elbow so im still raised over her. i could stay like this forever. "gotcha!" a say staring into her eyes. our faces inches from each others. i slowly lean in and kiss her soflty.

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