love struck

Taylor is your typical teenage girl. She has her two best friends Hannah and Aly. She loves one direction and food. But all her life completely turns around when she meets her favourite member of one direction. Will she stay in london or go off will somebody she barley knows?


4. best day ever.

~taylors P.O.V.~

Okay so i cant belive im going to niall horans flat. Hannah had picked out the perfect outfit as always. Im wearing my dark denim jeggings with a loose fitting seater a scarf amd some toms. I was about to leave when i  realized i didnt know where niall and the boys lived. To nialler<3: hey soo where do you guys live? from nialler<3: oh yeah that might be important to tell you i live in the eagle crest condos. to nialler: thanks! see you in a few. I grabbed my keys and headed over to nialls. wow i cant belive im hanging out with niall. i was jamming to Heart Attack when i pulled up to the condos. I walked up to his door and knocked. i could hear someone yell ill get it! louis maybe? The door opened and standing there was louis and harry. niall came running up behind them. "hey taylor!" he says sortof mad. oh god did i do something? " Hi guys!." "come on in!" louis says. i heard harry mumble something to niall i couldnt quite make out then niall pushed him playfully. Then i looked around wow. this place was huge! "you guys have a really nice place! i say. " thank you" harry says. they lead me into the living room where liam and zayn are playing fifa 13. oh my gosh just can i play! they all just look at each other in amazment. harry whipsers something to niall and he laughs. "sure grab a controller!" liam says. i go sit on the couch and niall sits next to me.

~Nialls P.O.V.~

Shes beautiful was my first thought when i saw her through the door. Man i could kill harry and lou. "she is pretty hot" harry mumbles to me. i push him and whisper" back off bro." "oh my gosh can i play?!" taylor says. she likes soccer and video games. " hey do you guys have any crisps?" omg she likes food to. shes perfect. " yeah ill get you some." i say and head off to the kitchen. Zayn is looking into the fridge for food. "youve got yourself a keeper there" he says. "i hope soo." i say. i grab the crips and head into the living room. where i here the yelling "oh my gosh how did you beat him!" harry says. my mouth drops. "you beat liam in fifa!" "Awesome!" i say. "Is that some sort of acomplishment or something?" she says confused. "thats the biggest accomplishment ever he never gets beat!" louis yelss. "wow. i feel awesome!" she says laughing. "you should!" i sit on the couch next to her and put my arm around her waist. was this to risky?

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