Unexpectedly in Love

Madison had a hard life and an abusive father and boyfriend. Shes a singer and is very good. Her best friend Britt enters in a One Direction opening act competition. Does she win? Does she get out of her abusive relationship? Does she meet the love of her life? Or does her life get worse.


5. The meeting

Madisons POV.

The next day when I came home from school my parents were running around frantically cleaning getting ready for the meeting. I got into some nicer clothes and came down stairs and helped them clean. its 4:30, they should be here any minute. Then a man rang out door bell. I opened it. He was tall with brown hair. We let him in and we all sat down around our table. I zoned out for half of it. Then they started bringing up the boys and what I would be singing. "We already wrote your music, Madison. Its a lot like the music the boys are singing. In five days your gonna fly to London to meet them and start recording. Then we would start practicing the dances and the singing and the stage plan." He said. "Have you had any dance lessons?" He asked me. "Um ya I did dance from 2nd grade till 7th." I said. Then I zoned out again. Then the manager said that he gave the boys my cell phone number and then gave me theirs and told me to text them or call them just so its not like we never talked before. I liked that idea mostly because there very attractive, especially Niall. After about another hour of my parents talking and signing lots of papers he left. its 6:00 and I had to do my homework, I ran upstairs to do it and I see a text from.....  Niall! I guess I'll have to get used to seeing that. The text said 'Hey this is Niall, my manager gave me your number. is this Madison." I responded "Ya it is, Hi." I waited for a response but then got caught up trying to get my homework done. Later I noticed he responded again. 'Hi. So how are you doing, are you excited about the tour?" "Ya sorry I was doing homework, but ya I am. I'm a little nervous though." "ya me too. haha." I looked at the clock. 10:30 already? "haha. sorry I have to go to bed I'll text you tomorrow." "Kay night love." Love? I thought. Must be a british/ irish thing. Texting Niall Horan was officially the coolest thing thats ever happened to me in my life. So far.

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