Unexpectedly in Love

Madison had a hard life and an abusive father and boyfriend. Shes a singer and is very good. Her best friend Britt enters in a One Direction opening act competition. Does she win? Does she get out of her abusive relationship? Does she meet the love of her life? Or does her life get worse.


14. Shooting a music video

Nialls POV

We all went to go shoot the first part of our Kiss You music video. I was really excited since we didn't know what we were going to be doing in it, but we had a few ideas of what we wanted to do. Madison and Britt came. When we got there all they said was have fun and be crazy, but lip sinc. then send us to wardrobe, hair and makeup. the first part we did was where it looked like we were driving down the road. Zayn, Harry and Liam were on a motorcycle and Louis and I were in a car. Louis and I just danced around in the car and it was quite fun. Then we went and did a scene where we were in a prison witch was really fun. Then we did a scene 'surfing' and 'skiing.' this was the most fun music video we've made so far. I think that Madison and Britt were enjoying themselves, I would see them laughing quite a lot. It was hard to focus on the camera when my beautiful girlfriend was sitting right there. Call me what you will, but I always want to kiss her. Always. The lads and I were dancing around and having a good time and I noticed Madisons eyes were fixed on me and she was laughing when ever I did something funny. This made me want to make her laugh even more. I would dance stupidly and make weird faces and her and Britt were laughing. After the last shoot we were all taking to the man shooting it, but I was smiling at Madison the whole time he was talking. We got to see almost all of the takes and we ended up using one where I was looking at Madison. It was where we were in the jail outfits and I'm just standing there and I fixed my hair a little and looked over at her. After we were done I was still in the jail cell costume. I started walking over to her and she was walking towards me. I put my arms around her waist and she put her hands on the back of my neck. "You looked really hot in that outfit." She said. I hate it when she does this to me. That thing where she says stuff so...... so...... like hot that all i wanna do is kiss her. "Oh really?" I said in the same way she did. "Ya." Then we started to lean in when louis ran up and went in between us, and said "Oh hey guys." Kinda ruined he moment but It was funny. I sat in a big black chair and rested my arms on the arm rests. My stylist was re doing my hair for a photo shoot. Madison sat on a black leather couch behind me. Her legs crossed and her hands in her lap and she played a game on her phone. I sat their for looking at her through the mirror. Every time she looked up and saw me looking at her she smiled and looked back down at her phone. She had told me earlier that she had blocked Jakes number. I would have done the same thing. Her hair was flowing some what in her face because of the way she was sitting. I sat their gaping at her through the mirror. Finally the stylist was done and I got up and walked over to Madison and took her hand but Amanda, my stylist stopped me. "Hun, Madison is going to be in the picture also! This picture is for the tour." She said. "Oh .." I said kind of disappointed that I couldn't hold her hand. I got dragged out of the room to go do a few pictures by myself. We each got single pictures then as a band. I was first so I got to walk back to Madison. She was getting layers. When she was done I took her out. She had gotten full head dark blonde highlights. They looked natural. Madison left with someone while i went in the opposite direction to get new clothes. I pulled a blue tee shirt over my head. I pulled up some dark jeans and white sneakers and a snapback. I heard A knock at my door. It was Madison. She had on a crop top and really tight dark jeans. She looked really hot. "Come on!" She said with a smile holding out her hand. Her shoes had slight heals on them and she was almost as tall as me with them on.

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