Unexpectedly in Love

Madison had a hard life and an abusive father and boyfriend. Shes a singer and is very good. Her best friend Britt enters in a One Direction opening act competition. Does she win? Does she get out of her abusive relationship? Does she meet the love of her life? Or does her life get worse.


6. Flying to London

Madisons POV

The next five days consisted of Jake hitting me. When I was finally able to leave I felt a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I was on a plane next to I guess my manager. Jet leg is HORRIBLE. I slept almost the whole plane ride. I was really excited because soon Britt would be coming to be with me for a little while. The I felt like we were falling. I heard the pilot say were crashing. I freaked out. It felt like the world was splitting in two and we were falling down the middle. Then I see Jake. Why is he here? He starts coming towards me with something in his hand. "Madison. Madison Madison." He says. Then Im being shaken. "Madison wake up!" My manager quietly says. "What?!?!" "Are you Ok?" He asks, looking worried. "Ya I'm... fine." I say. Thank god it was only a dream..... a really weird one. "Well we landed so lets go." He said. I got up and grabbed my purse. When we got to our hotel I just went to my room and watched T.V and started falling asleep, but woke up from my phone ringing. It was my Manager. "Get ready, You and the boys are going to an interview in ten." I hung up and quickly got ready and when I opened my door I looked down the hallway and say 5 boys walking in my direction. All talking. Then one of them points at me. I soon figure out that its Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn.   I became starstruck. They all gave me hugs. "Hey!" They said. "Hi!" I replied. After we all introduced ourselves (even though we knew what each others names are,) We went down stairs and into a black van. "So am I in the interview with you?" I asked. "Ya, its a long one, but it should be a fun one. Its with the Chatty Man." Niall said. "Oh my god he's so funny!" I said. they laughed agreeing. Well it was an awkward car ride. I kinda just sat there while the boys asked me questions. I kept getting texts from Jake saying. "Having fun? Hope you are, btw thanks for ditching me." "Your the worst gf ever!" "You just abandoned me!" I turned off my phone. I felt horrible, like the worst person ever. I mean I know he hits me and i hate him, but hes making me feel awful. And I think the boys could tell. "Madison... Are you Okay?" Niall asked. I put on a plastic smile. "Ya, Im great!" I lied. Niall smiled. "Okay good." I can't stand the fact that I'm still with Jake. But I did kinda break up with him.... but in a way I'm dating him...? I really am confused. Ill just say its complicated. Ya.... But I want to be with anyone besides Jake. Maybe he'll break up with me. Who am I kidding. I'm opening for the greatest boy band of all time! He's NEVER going to leave me. When we got to the studio we all went to  hair and makeup. It was weird having people do my makeup. But when the lady did my makeup around my eye and cheek I made a face because it hurt. "Are you okay." She asked me. "Uh ya.... I just.... uh.... got hurt there." "Oh I'm sorry hun, Ill be careful." She said. "Thanks." I replied.

Nialls POV

When I got into hair and makeup I kept looking at Madison, I could see the bruises on her face and watched as the vanished as the makeup person covered them up. I couldn't help but wonder who gave her those bruises. But right now isn't the time to ask. Im basically a stranger to her, she isn't going to tell me! When we were done with hair and makeup we all got miked up and I stood next to Madison as we waited to go on. "Nervous?" I asked. "A little." She replied looking up at me. "Ya me too." I replied. she laughed a little "Your nervous?" "Well ya." I replied. "I haven't done an interview with anyone but the guys." I replied. She smiled a little and nodded. A few moments I heard Alan say "And heres One Direction and there opening act Madison Talley!" We all go pushed on stage. I sat next to Madison and Harry sat on the other side of her. I was zoning out through the whole thing but then he started asking Madison questions. "So Madison. You must LOVE these boys right." Everyone was cheering. Madison laughed. "So who's your favorite?" He asked. "How can you pick?" Madison said with a laugh. "So do you have a boyfriend." He asked. She sat thinking for a moment. "Its complicated." She said. "Mhmmm." Alan said with a smirk. Everyone laughed. I couldn't stop looking at Madison and Alan noticed. He got up and went over to me and waved his hand in front of my face. "Niall? Helloooooo?" Everyone laughed again. Including me. He sat back down. After the interview was over we all went back to the hotel to hang out and get to know madison.

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