Unexpectedly in Love

Madison had a hard life and an abusive father and boyfriend. Shes a singer and is very good. Her best friend Britt enters in a One Direction opening act competition. Does she win? Does she get out of her abusive relationship? Does she meet the love of her life? Or does her life get worse.


18. 18

Nialls POV

Madison and I left starbucks but I payed very close attention to what she ordered. I remember exactly. She wanted a carmel Frape with soy milk and no whip creme but extra carmel. Shes allergic to milk. We walked hand in hand down the street to a mall. We sat down at a restaurant. Madison took off her sunglasses and placed them on her head. She pulled out her Iphone and her head dropped down looking at her phone. "Hey babe, what are ya doin?" I asked reaching my hand across the table to grab one of her hands. She looked up smiling. Giving me one of her hands and with the other she showed me something on twitter. "Look whats trending." She said with a smile. I read it allowed. "WeloveNiallandMadison." I looked up at her and smiled. "I guess they love us." I said leaning in to kiss her. We kissed fast because then our waitress walked over. Not looking up from her note pad she said, "Hello my name is Ally how may I...." Then She looked up. "Oh my god. Your Niall Horan and your Madison Talley!!!!" Madison smiled and that made me smiled. I laughed. "Yup thats us." "By any chance could I get a picture with you guys?" She asked hopingly. "Of corse!" Madison responded. Ally handed her iphone to another waiter and Madison and I stood on either side of her. After the picture I said. "Do you mind tagging us if you post this on Twitter?" "Oh uh uh ya Sure!!!" She said with a huge smile. I looked at Madison and she made a funny face and I laughed. A smile spread across her face. "I'll go get you something to drink she said practly running to her friends. We sat back down. "I liked that!" Madison said. Again I took her hand. "Ya." We both looked through the menu. Then the girl came back with the waters. "Are you guys ready to order?" She asked. I looked over at Madison and signaled for her to go first. "Um ya can I have the Bacon burger with no cheese and no tomato?" She said. Ally nodded and looked over at me. "And for you?" "I'll have what she got." I said pointing to Madison. She nodded again and walked away. "You know how many pictures there are of us?" She said. "like a billion." I laughed. I decided I'd ask her something that I'd been too scared to ask before. "So uh have you heard from Jake lately?" I asked slowly. Suddenly she became very serous and her lips tightened. "Um I blocked his number." Judging how straight forward her response was I didn't continue with that conversation. My phone beeped. It was Harry. "Sorry lads, I'm not going to be able to come to NYC with you, Taylor invited me somewhere. Hope I can make it up for you!"  i rolled my eyes and sighed in annoyance. "Whats wrong babe?" Madison asked. "Harry's blowing us off again to be with taylor... Again." Harry 's been missing so much stuff and not hanging out with us hardly at all ever since Taylor got in the picture. And shes quite rude. "Well why don't you tell Harry how you feel." "Well if I do that I'd sound like a pussy now wouldn't I." She knew what I meant. Making my best friend break up with her would make me look horrible. I couldn't do that to my best friend, no matter how much its tearing us apart.

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