Unexpectedly in Love

Madison had a hard life and an abusive father and boyfriend. Shes a singer and is very good. Her best friend Britt enters in a One Direction opening act competition. Does she win? Does she get out of her abusive relationship? Does she meet the love of her life? Or does her life get worse.


17. 17

Madisons POV

I actually wasn't that made that he almost hit me. I just was upset that I made him that made that he almost did. He kept apologizing witch isn't something Im used to hearing. I could tell he actually cared about what happened to me. I woke up In his arms. We were still on the floor. "Babe." I said waking Niall up. He looked at me smiling, but looked away. "Whats wrong?" I asked slowly bringing my hand to his cheek. "I... I can't... I" He couldn't get the words out. I put my forehead to his. "shhh baby its fine..." Then he pulled away cutting me off. "No its not!" The pain in his eyes were strong. It hurt me to see. "Please forgive me." He whispered. "Of course I forgive you." I responded softly pulling him into a hug. "I promise I will never hurt you." He said. "I know... I know." I said softly. He actually cared about me. For the first time in my life someone cared about me. Well, this is different.

Nialls POV

She forgave me. I was not expecting her to, but she did. I'm so glade I didn't lose her. We got up and she took a shower and I just got dressed. I'll take a shower later. About a half an hour later she walked out of the bathroom. Her hair down and her natural waves flowing over her shoulders. She wore a white  nit/ lace headband. A pink long sleeve shirt and jeans and combat boots. God she's beautiful. I smiled seeing her. "Ready to go?" I asked holding out my hand. We had a little time off then she had to go to an interview. "Hold on." She said as she ran over to her purse. She through in some more stuff in her never ending purse. Lip gloss, Phone, wallet and who else knows what. "Okay lets go." She said. She took my hand and we left. The hotel we were staying at was in the center of the city so there was a lot of stuff over there. Its  kind of hard just to walk around like normal people witch is sometimes annoying. I mean I just want to walk down the street with my girlfriend but every five steps I'm stopping to sign something. I mean I really don't mind signing stuff, I love all of our fans but sometimes I just want to be able to walk in starbucks with out hearing "OH MY GOD ITS NIALL HORAN I LOVE YOU MARRY ME PLEASE OMG HE TOUCHED THE COUNTER!" I'm just a normal person. Anyways So Madison and I walked down the street taking pictures with people then we walked in to StarBucks. Then I felt a tug on my shirt. I turned around and looked down. It was the most adorable little girl I had ever seen. She had long brown curly hair and blue eyes. I smiled. "Hello!" I said. "Hi!!!" She answered. Then I looked up at her mother. "I'm so sorry love, she insisted on talking to you." "Its fine." I replied. Letting go of Madisons hand I kneeled down and picked up the girl. "Whats your name love?" I asked her. "I'm Evie!" She responded with a huge smile. "What a beautiful name!" "How old are you Evie?" I asked. She held out a hand to show 4 fingers. "Wow your so big!" She smiled at the complement. "Can I get a picture with you and your friend?" She asked. I smiled and Madison walked back over closer to me. "Of course you can hun!" I answered. I also handed the woman my phone and asked her to take a picture for me also. I wrapped one arm around Madison and held Evie with the other. She took a few pictures and I put her down giving her a hug then she whispered, "She's really pretty." Pointing to Madison. "I know." I said with a smile. I love this little girl, she's so cute. The woman handed me back my phone. I gave her my email. "If you ever need anything please email me, but please don't give anyone my email. Your daughter is so cute." "Thank you so much." She smiled and walked away. I took Madisons hand again and we got in line for Starbucks. "Your really good wit kids." She said. "Ya well..." I teased. I do want to be a father. But not till after I'm married. Evie.... What a cute name. 

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