Me & My Boys 2.0 (sequel to Me & My Boys)

This is thei sequel to Me & My Boys I hope you like it! It would make lot more sense if you read the first one :) this is my first Sequel story......
The Boys found out about Lola playing around with three of the band mates Niall, Louis and Harry while she was dating Zayn they have confronted Lola and their relationship with Harry was broken but it's slowly repairing its self but will it ever be the same again?


1. He Knew He Just Wanted Me To Say It

The bright lights from the stage make me squint I look out into the audience I feel the sleeve of my blazer being pulled I look up to see the eyes of Louis.
"You ok?"He asked
"Uh yeah, Let's do this" I said we walked onto the stage and sat on the couch with the other boys
"Welcome boys" the interviewer says the other boys course hello's I sit there staring at the ground zoned out. Louis elbows me in the rib cage, kind of like a nudge but I don't respond the interviewer asks question I hear him only slightly. My mind is on other things... Not Lola that's for sure. but some one else. I can't get her out of my head. I moved on from Lola. But disaster struck.
"Harry?" The interviewer says but I have a feeling this isn't his first time saying it.
"Sorry what?" I ask looking up for the first time in the last 25 minutes.
"Have you had a chance to go home and visit Mum and your sister?" He asked
"No" I said the boys look down the line at me as I was on the edge of the couch, they were encouraging me to say more.
"We've just been so busy." I said pushing my sleeves up and poking the tip of my tongue out of my mouth to wet my lips I look out into the audience
"So we've heard you've been seeing a girl named Amy?"
"Excuse Me?" I said bringing my brows together
"Amy? Who is she?" he asked pushing me on
"Really?" I said glaring at him
"Yes, I would like to know who she is." He says his eyes burning into mine my head started to spin
I shook my head and got up from the couch and walked off the stage. I got to the back stage area, I can't believe he would ask that question this early. I looked up at one of the monitors and saw Louis getting up and walking off the stage Liam looked at Zayn and Niall
"Louis' got" Niall whispered
"Harry? Are you ok?" I look up and see Louis I go towards him and hug him he slips his hands around me under my blazer
"It's ok" he says rubbing my back soothingly
"He didn't know Harry, it's not his fault" He added
"He knew he just wanted me to say it" I said letting tears fall down onto his shoulder
"Be strong Hazza." Louis whispers to me
"It was my fault Louis" I sob
"Harry, It wasn't your fault." he said
"I shouldn't have went onto the road and-" I started but he cut me off
"You were being silly, you didn't know what was going to happen" Louis says
"So who is Amy?" I hear the interviewer ask Niall, Liam and Zayn
"Your gunna try it again?" Zayn asks
"I guess so..." The interviewer says
"So who is she?" he asked pushing them on
"Harry's dead girlfriend" Zayn said standing up and taking the mic off his shirt
"Are you happy now?" He adds shaking his head and walking of the stage and coming back stage I keep my head rested on Louis' shoulder I glance up and see Liam and Niall doing the same.
Soon they are all hugging me in a big circle.

*Flashback 1 month ago*

"Amy come on!" I called behind me laughing as we ran around the park I ran out to near the road
"Harry wait up!" Her soft voice called after me I laughed she giggled
I ran onto the rain stained road as the drops of rain soaked my jacket and curls I shook them out of the way I tripped over the curb on the other side of the road I looked through the pouring rain Amy laughed and ran towards me she stepped onto the road when a ear wrenching tire screech sounds and a scream coming from Amy I wipe the rain from my eyes and notice Amy laying at the front of the car her back to me soaked from the rain
"Amy!" A deep throaty yell comes from my mouth I run back across the road
"No! No!" I yell
"Amy!" I yell shaking her shoulders I scoop her head into my hands and rock with her in my arms.
"Come on baby you'll be ok" I said a sound of light thunder happened I shook my head getting my drenched curls out of my face.
The driver gets out of his car.
"I am so sorry she ran out of no where!" He said
"No! Go!" I yell at him
"Please I can help!" He says
"Go!" I yell crying she had glass in her side and leg she was loosing a lot of blood it was draining onto my yellow jacket (from the Take Me Home photo shoot, the couch part.)
I kissed her forehead she had a cut below her eye I scooped her up
"Listen! She needs to go to a hospital!" He yelled as I got up and started to walk towards me and the boys' house
"You've done enough dont you think?!" I yelled back with that he pulled out his phone and sounded like he was calling a tow truck I was sobbing as I carried her across the field my converse getting soaked as I walked threw the muck.
I fell down a hill Amy dropping from my arms I struggle to pick her up again.
I begin to walk again I flick my head to the side again getting rid of the soaked curls.
I see the house
"Liam! Louis! Niall! Zayn!" I yell as I approach the end of the field
Liam and Louis come running out of the house into the ran their quiffs getting wet immediately I stop as they run Louis supports Amy's head Liam checks her pulse
"What happened?!" Liam asked
"We were running and en a car came out of no where please Liam do something!" I said Liam took her from my arms
"I'll call an ambulance" he says taking her inside the house I sink to my knees Louis puts up my hood and tries to pick me up
"No!" I yell getting up and running through the field Louis chases after me I slip down a steep hill sliding down getting soaked trying to stop myself with my soaked white converse I look back and see Louis slip to I see the bottom and I slide down and reach it scoffing up my hands I just lay there letting the water of the rain storm soak me.
"Harry get up!" Louis shouts
"No, if she's not here I don't wanna be here either." I said
"Are you crazy? You have family and friends that love you!" Louis says
"I don't have her though." I said that's when Louis picks me up cradling me in his arms I snuggle up to his chest as I cry he puts me own when we reach the house I see Amy being out in the ambulance
"I'm going" I said
"We'll follow you in the range rover" Louis says I nod and get in the ambulance.

*End of flashback*

"Lets go home" Liam says as they give me sympathetic looks I nod and follow them the boys make a barrier around me protecting me from the paps I put my hood up clutching my brown jacket to my torso.
We got in the car and tats when I break down crying my eyes out Louis and Liam out their arms around me Niall drives as Zayn turns and sings to me. I feel myself getting tired I feel myself getting tired, I put my head on Liam's shoulder he rubs circles in my back as I fall asleep on his shoulder.


I lay in my bed I clutching the sheets to my cold body I have my hood up still but my converse lay on the ground and my jacket is on the chair in the corner I can't let tears fall because I don't have any tears left.
"Harry?" Louis says
"Please just leave me alone" I said as I sniffle I hear a sigh and the door closes
"Move over" Louis says I hesitate but then shuffle over and he opens up the blankets and gets in beside me.
"You can't mourn her forever you know..." He says
"I know" I said quietly wiping my nose
"Then get up and live your life" he says
"I can't Louis" I said
"Sure you can let's go do some stuff" he said taking the blankets off of me.
"Like what" I ask sitting up but I hug my knees to my thin torso I lost weight after going into depression after Amy's death.
"Lets just go somewhere ill bring back the old Harry" he says I nod
"Come on get your shoes on and lets go! I'll meet you at the front door!" He says smiling I nod he walks out of my room and shuts the door I let out a sigh and grab my shoe.
What was I getting myself into?
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