Me & My Boys 2.0 (sequel to Me & My Boys)

This is thei sequel to Me & My Boys I hope you like it! It would make lot more sense if you read the first one :) this is my first Sequel story......
The Boys found out about Lola playing around with three of the band mates Niall, Louis and Harry while she was dating Zayn they have confronted Lola and their relationship with Harry was broken but it's slowly repairing its self but will it ever be the same again?


2. Cotton Candy, Ferris Wheels & Annoying Bestfriends

"Come on! Lets go on this ride" Louis says
I flick my eyes to him as I peel off a piece of cotton candy and plop it on the tip of my tongue and close my mouth letting the sugar melt onto my tongue.
"I don't wanna go on any rides Louis" I said looking down at the pink fluffy candy Louis' brows perk up and he opens his mouth to say something but stops.
"Come one lets play some games then" he says grabbing my forearm and tugging me along the grass and gravel blend of a path way
"You just don't understand do you?" I said as we walked up to a game Louis looked at me and handed the man money and held out the bean bag to me I shook my head shifting my weight to my right leg, crossing my arms and poking the inside of my cheek with my tongue.
I didn't mean to have attitude but Louis didn't get it. He didn't understand the way I was feeling he said he went through a split before and knew how I felt but this was different. Eleanor wasn't dead.
Amy was. Louis could still bump into Eleanor getting a tea or buying some groceries, the only way I could run into Amy was if I tripped over her tombstone or god forbid I was taken quicker as well.
"What do you mean?" Louis asked
" you don't get it Louis." I said
"Of course I get it I went though a spl-" I cut him off
"Louis. It's not like that. I can't run into Amy while buying a tea or whatever, but you can, but with Eleanor." I said suddenly things grew awkward.


"Thanks for this Louis" I said as I started to walk up the stairs.
"Anytime" he said the car ride home was silent and my stomach locked all the words away so I couldn't even ask to turn on the radio. My joints locked so I couldn't even move.
Louis had been gripping the wheel so hard his knuckles were white. I knew he just wanted to help me but I don't think I can be helped.
"Hey how'd it go?" Niall asked coming into the room
"Just fantastic" Louis says roughly as he stormed down the hall
"What did I say?" Niall asks
"Nothing, don't worry about it Niall. Thank you" I said turning and continuing my decent up the stairs.

I got up to my room and pulled at my curls I yelled into my pillow I hit my head off the wall but nothing could change this feeling. I hated the fact that it was in me, the fact that I feel it....

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