Everything in between

it is so short because I am so bad at writing this stuff.
It is basically about a girl called Jenny who dies and you should read to the end or just skip to the last chapter because I am slightly proud of my cleverness there.


5. someone called someone

I saw someone today. I will call them someone so that the words don't have to match to them. They didn't see me. I ran away too quickly for them to see me. I will make sure they do not see my mother either. They might follow her. Then they could find me. I will protect my mother, like an angel.

God has not decided yet. However my mother faced the world. She went to my school. She talked to lots of people at my school. I did not like watching the people lie to my mother about me so I left. That was when I saw someone.

I was hungry, so I ate. I was thirsty, so I drank. I was tired, so I slept. When I woke up I was in my dream. Except I wasn't, I was in the setting of my dream but I didn't like it so God made it go away. In that way God is a magician. A very nice magician.

Someone almost found me today, don't let them. Protect me like I am protecting my mother.

Love, Jenny


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