Everything in between

it is so short because I am so bad at writing this stuff.
It is basically about a girl called Jenny who dies and you should read to the end or just skip to the last chapter because I am slightly proud of my cleverness there.


2. smoking her way to hell

I forgot to mention last time that God does exist. He is quite nice really; it is not his fault that natural disasters happen, note the word "natural". 

I found my mother today, she was lying in an avenue, her clothes were wet and smelt of alcohol. She loves alcohol, at least, if what you love the most is what you spend the most money on it is. I didn't wake her though. She looked too peaceful.

Everything was the wrong way around with my mother. I was always the one that tucked her into bed at night after she had smoked her way to hell. I was always the one that told her the police couldn't arrest you for stealing a can of baked beans.

My mother ran away from me, so I ran away from her, I ran back home.

Don't come looking.

Love, Jenny


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