Everything in between

it is so short because I am so bad at writing this stuff.
It is basically about a girl called Jenny who dies and you should read to the end or just skip to the last chapter because I am slightly proud of my cleverness there.


4. silent and invisible

My school found out I was dead today. It was nice of them to say they were going to remember me. The truth is nobody can remember me; there is nothing to remember. I was silent and invisible. I was never the last one picked for PE, I didn't get picked. I sat on the bench for the whole lesson and nobody noticed.

My mother has sobered up. She has poured all the drink down the sink. She sang while she did it. It was nice to see her happy. I think she will be ready to face the world soon. I think God will be able to decide on me soon. My mother will be happy soon, so might I.

I haven't got any bruises. They have vanished. Maybe this is God's way of inspecting me and not anyone else.

Don't come looking or they will find me.

Love, Jenny


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