Everything in between

it is so short because I am so bad at writing this stuff.
It is basically about a girl called Jenny who dies and you should read to the end or just skip to the last chapter because I am slightly proud of my cleverness there.


7. proud of me

God is proud of me. You do not need to know why God is proud of me. You do not even need to know that he is proud.

I wasn't always good. Sometimes I was very bad. So bad you could not tell it was me being bad. I am surprised I am not in hell. Sometimes I think I should be in hell. That I do not deserve to be an angel.

Someone hasn't seen my mother for a while. In a way my mother cares a lot about someone. So much that she loves them. So much that even when someone hit her and kicked her and put too many tablets in her tea she didn't blame someone. She said someone couldn't help being someone.

Someone is so close.

Love, Jenny


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