Everything in between

it is so short because I am so bad at writing this stuff.
It is basically about a girl called Jenny who dies and you should read to the end or just skip to the last chapter because I am slightly proud of my cleverness there.


1. so i'm dead

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that a mother puts her children first, it’s a lie. I know. If she was in a fire would she sacrifice herself for her children? I don’t think she would. My mother didn’t. No, my mother ran away from the fire and left me to burn in our house. My legs burnt first, I died before that though, I died when my hair caught on fire. I watched the fire-fighters try to save me, it was too late, I was already dead.

It’s odd being dead. At least I think I’m dead; I might be in between. There is no heaven or hell. It’s just the world. Our world- planet earth. I just exist on it. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next day. I don’t know if I’m going to be whisked away into some other place. I just know that I am existing and that I would rather exist than not exist.

I would tell you about my past but I think it is too horrible to write down. Words can’t fit what has happened to me and I don’t want them to fit either.

Please don’t ever come looking for me, I don’t want you to find me, don’t ask me why, just don’t come looking

Love, Jenny


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