I Know You're There: Malevolent Innocence

*Conclusion to the I Know You're There trilogy* Reuben's dead. Never to return. Tori doesn't grieve, she gets on with her life. In fact, her and Damien's wedding is coming up. Sure, she loves him, but not like she loved Reuben. Everything's fine; absolutely fine. Despite the fact she cries herself to sleep, and prays for Reuben to come back every moment, everything's fine. What am I saying? It's Tori Hills, nothing's going to be fine, especially when she's about to devote her life to the wrong guy. 'I swear, if mine and Reuben's love was fire, we'd be nothing, but ash.'


17. 'Spit it out.'

A drum was beating right next to my ear for some reason. With every pound of the skin, my heart thumped heavily in my chest. Whatever it was, it was really hurting my head. Why the hell was there a drum next to me? Groaning slightly, I felt a pressure on my forehead. It was cold, and soothing, whatever it was. I couldn't place anything... Why could I only see black? Oh yeah, I had a panic attack.

My eyes shot open, met by a dim light. It must have been the evening, about six or something, because it was starting to get dark. There was no other light on, so that's all I had. The December weather wasn't exactly welcoming, nor was the fact that it had been six months since my wedding. 

My throat was dry, and I slowly lifted my hand up to my forehead, to wear the cold pressure was. My hand fell onto a damp cloth, which was starting to get warm. Frowning, I looked next to me, to see Reuben, lightly sleeping. His arms were around me, holding me against his side, and his chin was resting on his chest, as if he'd just passed out. Smiling, I brushed his hair out of his eyes, and he jumped awake.

"I was so not sleeping..." he mumbled, expecting Drake to have been the one to wake him, "Oh, you're awake!" he grinned.

"I am," I hoarsely replied, the pounding in my head dimming slightly at Reuben's soft voice.

"Are you okay?" concern flashed over his face, his thumb tracing my hairline.

"Uh, I think so, yeah. Just a headache," I frowned, as the headache seemed to get worse.

"Here," he reached over himself, and returned with two capsules, and a glass of water.

I thanked him, sat up, and downed the pain killers. Instant relief flooded through me, so it was just a minor thrumming at the back of my mind. Contently, I wrapped my arms around Reuben, resting my head on his chest. He didn't seem to mind, as he softly kissed my hair, rubbing my arm soothingly. 

"Can you remember what happened?" he quietly asked, resting his chin on my head. 

"Uh..." I scowled, trying to think about it, "Yeah, kind of."

"How much?" he persisted, his voice still quiet.

"Um, we got home, after visiting my place. Drake started yelling..." I trailed off, as the memories slowly dripping into my mind, "And I'm wanted dead."

"Well, good to know you remember," he muttered, tracing my jaw.

"Yeah... But everything will be fine, right?" I cheerily suggested.

It took him a while to reply, "Yeah... Fine..." he avoided eye contact, and I felt really bad.

I didn't say anything else, I just closed my eyes, in peace. Reuben let out a deep breath, almost in a sigh. I copied, and he tightened his grip on me, as if he was scared he was going to lose me. 

"Where are the others?" I broke the silence, tracing random circles on his stomach.

"Um..." he murmured, his fingers suddenly curling on my arm, "They..."

"Spit it out," I instructed, turning over to face him.

"They were taken," he sighed, "But don't worry, it's all in my plan," he assured me, when he saw my what-the-hell-did-I-miss expression.

"Your plan?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, remember I said I wanted to save the other Angels? I'm sticking to it," yeah, you also said you wanted to marry me, "So I broadcasted their location, and they took Drake and Raven. Shane is somewhere around here. Anyway, they're going to get in there, and tell everyone that they need to build up an army, to get out. Then myself, and about ten other Demons, are going to-"

"Demons?" I interrupted, my face paling slightly.

"Wow, good to know you're not judgemental," he rolled his eyes at me, "They're not that bad. The worst thing they do is spit gum in the street, instead of the bin. Anyway, Demons are stronger than Angels any day, so with our combined force, there's no stopping us," he announced. 

Silently, I nodded. What's the worst that could happen? Everything? Yeah, I thought so. I was not happy at all, but Reuben had his mind fixated. His body had only just repaired as well, if he went back in, he was probably going to get himself dead. But with an army on the inside, and a squad of evil on the outside, they couldn't stand that much of a chance. Especially if Reuben got himself out on his own. 

"One more thing," he went back to his quiet voice, "You have to stay with Mollie for a bit."

"Mollie? How do you know Mollie?" I asked, totally ignoring what he was actually implying.

"No offence, but your brother doesn't have the best pick-up lines. I sent Mollie to both keep an eye on you, and I knew her and your brother would suit each other," he had some kind of smug look on his face, over the fact that he was right.

"You're crazy," I shook my head in disbelief, before resting it on Reuben's chest again.

"Ah, I know, but what's the fun in being normal?"

Good point. How boring would my life be, is Reuben was normal? The answer; Very.

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