I Know You're There: Malevolent Innocence

*Conclusion to the I Know You're There trilogy* Reuben's dead. Never to return. Tori doesn't grieve, she gets on with her life. In fact, her and Damien's wedding is coming up. Sure, she loves him, but not like she loved Reuben. Everything's fine; absolutely fine. Despite the fact she cries herself to sleep, and prays for Reuben to come back every moment, everything's fine. What am I saying? It's Tori Hills, nothing's going to be fine, especially when she's about to devote her life to the wrong guy. 'I swear, if mine and Reuben's love was fire, we'd be nothing, but ash.'


11. 'It's not so easy to smell like daisies.'

Reuben's POV (Yup, there's the surprise :D)

Finally, I'd escaped, and it took hell of a lot. Three broken ribs; a dislocated shoulder; the old bullet wound in my leg, infected beyond repair; gash behind my ear that bled for days; a majorly broken heart. Honestly, I was surprised to be alive. My captors kept me in good condition, but most of my wounds occurred during my escape. They only kept me healthy, as they enjoyed watching me fight back, only to fail, and they needed to keep me strong enough to actually get information from me, without accidentally killing me.

It was rough, I guess. I didn’t really care though, my life fell into a rather awful pattern. Either torture, being force fed, listening to the Angels around me pouring their hearts out, and – most definitely worst – being threatened with Tori’s life. The torture almost never worked; repeatedly punching me didn’t exactly make me want to tell them valuable information. So much as threaten to come within a mile radius of Tori, I’d tell them whatever the hell they wanted.

Really rough.

Plus, there was so much I hadn’t actually told Tori. The fact that I had siblings, even though we weren’t actually blood relations, as we’re Angels, but we were close enough to being related. The truth about how much of a… you know… Damien was. My best friend, Drake, and how I asked him to look after Tori if anything went wrong. Well, I didn’t ask him to take care of her if anything went wrong, I told him to make sure she didn’t end up in an intimate relationship with Damien. It wasn’t that I was clingy, and I didn’t want her to not be close with anyone other than me (well, actually, I didn’t, but still), but Damien was the wrong guy for her.

So, what finally brought me to my senses, to stop moping, and get the hell out of that Angel concentration camp? The news of Tori’s wedding. It was raining, the normal for England, and I was sat in my cell, listening to the girl next door being dragged in. The cell next to me was a temporary holding station, so new, kidnapped Angels were often brought in, crying, screaming, and begging for me to do something. Trust me, if I could have, I would have, but I was helpless myself. There were only three cells for Demons, and only one of them was filled… Until it came around for my ‘turn’ to be tortured, then I was off elsewhere.

Anyway, they constantly beat the girl until she shut up, which was when she fell unconscious, and they decided it would be fun to pick on me. I was the only Demon; they found me more entertaining than the rest. I guessed Angels were too nice to fight back. I had a pretty good knockout punch, and I definitely knew how to aim a gun, but in prison, you’re not given complimentary guns… They unlocked my cell, waiting for me to try and escape, but I just sat there, bored stiff.

“So, how’s my favourite lad today?” a bulky man, with flaming red hair teased me, glaring down at me.

I just huffed, and rested my chin in my palm, my gaze on the girl beside me. She was really young, twelve possibly, and I really hoped she didn’t wake up from that knockout. If she did, she’d regret it forever more.

“No need to be so touchy…” he muttered, still mocking me, “We have some wonderful news about your girlfriend!”

My head snapped in his direction, and I was immediately on my feet. Before I knew it, I was in front of him, my fists clenched by my sides, biceps flexing in anger. If they had even dared to touch her, I swear-

“It’s her wedding next week! Aw, how sweet, she’s moved on, well on,” I hear sadistic…

“To who?” I spat, through gritted teeth.

“I believe you know him rather well, as do we. Damien Hunter, the one and only,” he smirked, still glaring, but up at me now, from my standing position. I’d grown another few inches, so I was six foot four.

“Good for her,” I hissed, but really, my heart had shattered, leaving me in a pile of misery and regret.

After a whole twenty four hours of whining, I realised why. It’s Tori, she viewed Damien as a brother, and was with him for her own sanity. She didn’t love him, and I was sure as hell he didn’t love her. Well, maybe he did, it’s hard not to love Tori, but he was using her to spite me. Like every bloody thing else he did. He got my brother killed!

And there you have it, I got out of there.


“Come on, Drake, hurry up,” I muttered to myself, unable to keep still.

Suddenly, he burst out of a door I didn’t even see, grinning crazily. Okay, I was getting the axe murder vibe…

“Reuben! What the hell, man!?” he said, as if he was drunk… Maybe he was, judging by the state of that axe murderer look.

“As if I bloody well know, what did I tell you to do!?” I rhetorically asked, turning all father-like on him.

“Don’t let Tori into an intimate relationship with Damien,” he recited.

“Then care to explain why she’s married to him!?” I demanded, so I angry I wanted to punch him, with one of my knockouts.

“She hasn’t yet, chill. Shane’s going to announce that he’s madly in love with her, and she was going to live with me for a bit, but hey, look who’s back from the dead,” for some reason, that fazed me… Back from the dead? Tori thought I was dead!?

“Other than the fact that I’m apparently dead, I like the drama, but let’s just add in a bit more…” I mused, planning it out in my head.

“You’re not going to murder Damien in church, are you? That’s a bit over the top,” Drake joked.

“Nah, I won’t murder him, that’s letting him off too easy. I prefer the sound of-“

“No need to get violent,” he laughed, but he was lying, he wanted to kill Damien too, “Sorry to burst your bubble, but you really don’t look to good,” he scanned my broken body, wincing as he saw how far out my shoulder was.

“I’m fine,” I hissed, and he knew to shut up.

“Well then, I say we go ruin a wedding,” he smirked.

“I say,” I took a deep breath, preparing to ruin the moment; “I really need some crutches.”

Rolling his eyes, Drake stood beside me for support, my arm resting heavily on him. Instead of support, it was more like he was carrying me. All of my weight was on him, as I staggered forwards, my leg burning with the bullet hole. After a few minutes of struggling, we made it about a meter closer to the cathedral. Eventually, we made it to the doors, and I took a few deep breaths.

“What if she doesn’t want me anymore?” I gushed, honestly petrified of that happening.

“Yes, because that definitely explains why I found her at your grave, begging you to come back to her,” he sarcastically said, dragging me slightly to the side.

She was at my grave? Begging me to come back? Okay, that broke and repaired my heart at the same time.

“Alright then, let’s do this,” I murmured, to no one in particular.

I used my good shoulder to shove open one of the doors, and Drake helped. We ended up making a bit of a scene, but oh well. Wait, what the hell should I say!? What happens in the movies…? Right, that’s it.

“I object!” wow, this is melodramatic.

“Dude, you stole my line – wait, Reuben?!” I recognised that voice… Shane, that’s who.

Gasps and whispers erupted around us, making me extremely self conscious. My clothes were ripped, I was bruised, and caked in blood, and I knew I wasn’t exactly attractive at that moment, but it was too late to clean up. An area behind my ear had been shaved, where they roughly stitched a wound up, in case it killed me. Killing me was just too kind of them.

Amongst the crowd, there were lots of ‘who’s he?’ sounds, and a few tuts over how stupid I was being. Gradually, I dragged myself forwards, my stare focused on Tori. Or so I thought she was Tori, I couldn’t really tell. She was wearing make-up, she had a different, more straight down figure, and her eyes were grey, not shining emerald. The Vicar didn’t look too impressed with me either, and Damien, well, that was comical. He was paler than me, scared to the core.

I tore my gaze away from Tori, and turned it to Damien. I wasn’t going to kill him, but I was certainly going to yell at him. In my condition, he would easily win the fight, so I was settling for second best. Plus, I had Drake for back up. It was good to have Drake back, instead of Damien.

“What the hell is wrong with you!?” I demanded, grabbing Damien by the collar, “I ask you to make sure my girlfriend isn’t kidnapped when I’m not around, but look what you’ve done! You took my family away from me, not to mention practically organising Jason’s death. You got rid of Drake, but you know what? I let you. And, now? You’ve taken her, not because you love her, but because you hate me,” I roughly let go of him, and stepped back, taking deep breaths.

Once I was calm, I pretended not to notice any of the intense, silent stares chasing me, and just turned to Tori. I had no idea what to say – she wasn’t Tori. She was completely different, still beautiful, but not my Tori. No words came to me, nothing generally sane to say. I had no explanation.

She stared back, her eyes wide with… Fear? Oh, one more thing, my right eye was blue, my left was black. Technically, I had two black eyes, but not my irises. That’s just was from being beat as a result of cockiness. Tori took a step away from me, and it hurt, it really hurt. My guts felt like they were being ripped out, as she leaned back slightly, her eyes getting greyer.

Congrats Reuben, you’ve scared her to death.

“Tori, I’m really sorr-“

I was interrupted by Drake. He gently touched my shoulder, telling me not to try yet. She was still too shocked. She probably wasn’t scared, just a bit shaken up. It’s not every day your dead boyfriend runs into your wedding, and yells at the groom.

“I’ll be waiting,” I mumbled, just loud enough for her to hear.

Awkwardly, I turned away from her, my heart aching so much. Drake led the way back, seeming immune to the stares. I forced myself to walk normally, the pain excruciating, but it was nothing compared to my heart.

“Don’t go,” I heard Tori whisper.

Instantly, I spun on my heel, to see she’d followed me. Her eyes were vibrant green, any sense of fear gone. A smile broke onto my face, as did she. She was just so… Perfect. Without thinking, I pulled her into a tight hug, ignoring my broken ribs, and my bad shoulder. I couldn’t care less, just as long as I got that feeling from hugging Tori. Immediately, she buried her face in my chest, her arms tightly around my waist. Yes, my ribs were possibly going to kill me, but who cares?

The aroma of vanilla came from her, warming me to the core. Her skin was ice cold, yet it seared my skin, in a really amazing way. It’s inexplicable.

“What took you so long?” she asked, her voice muffled from my chest.

“Being tortured,” I whispered back, but it came out a lot colder than I’d expected.

She stiffened in my arms, and I felt really guilty. I didn’t mean it like that… Make it worse, why don’t you Reuben?

My body burned in agony as I was yanked away from her, a strong hand on my wrist. I cursed, as it was the wrist that happened to be attached to the same arm as my dislocated shoulder. I was harshly pulled around to face a pair of fiercely blue eyes, the flaming blaze of Damien’s eyes.

“You want to know what I’m doing?” he sneered, getting some spit on my face… ew… “I’m saving her. She died when you left her again, so I resurrected her. But you walk back in, and ruin everything. She’s so much better without you,” he was practically ripping my heart out and crushing it to dust.

The grip on my wrist suddenly loosened, as Damien’s hand rushed to his face. Confused, I blinked, and the scene replayed in my head. Tori... She just punched his jaw. Stifling my laughter, I raised my eyebrows at her. A small gesture towards Drake shut me up, and focus on Damien’s repetitive cursing. Don’t curse in church… Oh wait, I did earlier…

At that moment, everyone clicked into action. Damien’s ‘friends’ rushed up to him, checking if he was okay. Too many girls to count, fussed over Tori, begging to know who her mystery guy was. And then, a boatload of people angrily approached me, looking like they were going to arrest me.

I was lifted off of the floor, and I frowned. After a second, I realised I was slung over Drake’s shoulder. Wow, thanks for that. He wrapped his arm around my legs to stop me from falling, as I pounded on his back for him to put me down. He grabbed Tori’s hand, and pulled her away from the crowd. I watched as people were pretty much chasing us back down the aisle, as Drake sprinted for his life. It could be worse, Drake could be carrying me bridal style.

Tori was smirking, forcing herself not to laugh at me. After a while, I gave up with telling him to put me down, and just yelled at him to hurry up. Shane appeared, his face inches from mine. He was grinning, as if we’d just met, not in that position. Raven was behind him, stumbling over in her heels.

“Need some help?” Shane asked drake.

“Yeah, get that dress off of Tori, she can’t bloody run,” Drake shouted, getting slower.

“What!? I’m not running around in my underwear!” she squeaked, and collected the tail of her dress.

It was a pretty dress – red – my favourite colour.

“Put me down so I can carry her!” I yell at Drake, slapping his back.

“As if you’re in a state to do that,” Raven rolled her eyes, followed by the do-as-you’re-told look you get from sisters.

It was true, I’d probably drop Tori. Ironic.

We were outside, heading for a car. I guessed it was Drake’s, by how purely clean and expensive it was. He was always obsessed with having a perfect car for some reason. Therefore, I always made him give me rides everywhere, to annoy him.

Drake dumped me in the backseat, with Tori and Raven. Shane and Drake sat upfront, getting ready to pull away. I could see Tori’s screaming parents, her Mum crying. She probably thought Tori was being kidnapped. Ollie was behind them, a smug smirk on his face, a pretty girl beside him, with bright red hair. Damien was staggering around, his jaw clearly dislocated.

“Nice punch, by the way,” I told Tori.

“Yeah, I know,” she vainly smiled, also looking at Damien.

“You gonna miss him?” I kind of asked, gesturing to Damien.

Tori snorted, “Reuben, if I was going to miss him, I would have punched you.”

That made me slightly scared, but I played it off.

“Where are we going?” I asked, leaning forwards to hear well.

“Well, you are going to shower, first-“

“You try getting a bucket of water once a week, it’s not so easy to smell like daisies,” I hit Drake’s shoulder, making him wince.

“-And then we’re to get Tori’s stuff, ASAP, before anyone tries looking for her back at her house. Then, we hang out at mine for a bit, until we decide on what we’re going to do,” he explained.

“Wow, this is the second time I’ve abducted you,” I joked, nudging Tori’s ribs lightly.

“Yep, but I love you anyway,” she smiled up at me, an award winning smile.

“Good, because I love you too.”

I leaned in, planning to kiss her, but Drake decided to make gagging noises. Tori pulled back, embarrassed. I rolled my eyes, slapped Drake on the back of the head, and kissed Tori's temple. God, I missed her.

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