I Know You're There: Malevolent Innocence

*Conclusion to the I Know You're There trilogy* Reuben's dead. Never to return. Tori doesn't grieve, she gets on with her life. In fact, her and Damien's wedding is coming up. Sure, she loves him, but not like she loved Reuben. Everything's fine; absolutely fine. Despite the fact she cries herself to sleep, and prays for Reuben to come back every moment, everything's fine. What am I saying? It's Tori Hills, nothing's going to be fine, especially when she's about to devote her life to the wrong guy. 'I swear, if mine and Reuben's love was fire, we'd be nothing, but ash.'


14. 'I'm feeling the love!'

Once we'd stopped shouting, Drake dared himself to come see what was going on. Being the idiot he was, he joined our hug, possibly hurting Reuben even further. It felt like he'd bruised my lungs from that hug, let alone what he'd done to Reuben's broken body.

"Dude, get off," Reuben wheezed, trying to break free from his vice grip.

"No, I'm feeling the love!" Drake jeered in a high pitched tone.

"Okay, get off," I demanded through gritted teeth.

Instantly, Drake released his strong grip, and I breathed in deeply. Reuben did the same, leaning against the wall for support.

"Sorry, man, I'm, more scared of her, than you," Drake explained, holding his hands up defensively.

"When I'm out of this damn casting, I can convince you otherwise," Reuben bit back, dragging his crutch closer to him with his foot.

Instinctively, I picked it up for him, and handed it to him. He sent me the most adorable, crooked smile ever, in a thanks. I felt myself beaming back, and Drake gagged. I rolled my eyes, but didn't stop grinning. Reuben's smile was perfect, and just so... cute. With a smile like that, he would never convine Drake that he was scarier than me. I would always win that battle, especially if Drake was the target. To be honest, Raven was the most scary out of us - she could convince us anything.

"Alright, alright, calm down, and take a break. You're going to hurt yourself, standing like that," Drake gestued to Reuben, who was stood in a very bad composition for his ribs.

It was Reuben's turn to roll his eyes, as he dramatically stood correctly, emphasising the amount of weight he needed on his crutch, "Better?"

"Much," Drake smirked, "So, what was all of the shouting about?"

"It doesn't matter, go stick your nose in someone elses business!" Reuben snapped, his eyes glaring at Drake.

"Whoa, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, did we?" Drake replied, his eyes wide.

"Well, it's a bit hard to move in a hospital bed, covered in casting," he snapped again, clenching his fists.

Drake decided to keep his mouth shut, despite how low Reuben's blow was. Instead of yelling at each other, Drake sat down, in silence, and looked at me pleadingly. What should I say? Reuben was clearly stressed over something, but I didn't know what.

"Reuben, you should get some rest," I quickly said, taking a step towards him.

After a moment of thinking, he nodded, and carefully started his way towards the spare bedroom. I followed him, in case he needed some help or whatever. I proved myself right, when Reuben dropped his crutch... Three times. I didn't mind, and helped him walk the short distance, a lot better than what he would have managed alone.

In a lot of pain, Reuben laid down on the spare bed, on his back. He looked in so much pain, and so weak. His wounded arm lay across his stomach, but I could tell it wasn't comfortable for him. I hated seeing him so weak. Just before I could leave him in so much agony, he stopped me.

"Yeah?" I dumbly responded.

"There's two things I want to do, when I'm out of this," he gestured to his casting, his voice sounding weaker than he looked, "I want to save the others - the other Angels from where they kept me," he told me, his eyes struggling to stay open.

"What else?" I quietly asked, knowing he was going off his mind from exhaustion.

"Marry you," and he fell asleep.

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