I Know You're There: Malevolent Innocence

*Conclusion to the I Know You're There trilogy* Reuben's dead. Never to return. Tori doesn't grieve, she gets on with her life. In fact, her and Damien's wedding is coming up. Sure, she loves him, but not like she loved Reuben. Everything's fine; absolutely fine. Despite the fact she cries herself to sleep, and prays for Reuben to come back every moment, everything's fine. What am I saying? It's Tori Hills, nothing's going to be fine, especially when she's about to devote her life to the wrong guy. 'I swear, if mine and Reuben's love was fire, we'd be nothing, but ash.'


8. 'And there's that smile.'

"You need to catch up on Reuben," Raven decided, sitting cross legged opposite me.

"Um... Okay? What've I missed, other than, well, you," I blushed, embarrassed over not knowing Reuben very well.

"Did he mention our..." her voice hitched, as she collected herself, "Um, our brother?"

I internally groaned, "Brother? Do I know anything?!" ashamed, I hid my face in my hands.

"Hey, don't take it personally, Reuben didn't like to talk about Jason..." Raven looked like she wanted to cry, and I got the creeping suspicion that I was in for a sad story.

My suspicion was in fact correct. Jason was killed in a car accident, and it took Reuben quite the time to move on. Guilt rose in my throat, at the fact I didn't know any of it. He probably knew everything about me, then  there was me... whom didn't know he had any siblings. 

"Aw, Tori, don't cry!" Raven cooed, pulling me into a hug, but I squirmed, so she let go, "Oh, sorry..."

"No, don't take it personally, I don't really... Um... Like being touched?" I sounded so weak, pathetic, even.

She smiled warmly, "Reuben hated any contact, too."

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, and sat back in my chair. Drake and Shane were elsewhere, I didn't really know what was going on. All I knew, was that I was scared. So much so, I wanted to be sick. Again.

Without hesitation, I pushed myself up, and bolted. The bile was already rising in my throat, but I had no clue where the bathroom was. Quickly, I yanked random doors open, until I managed to find the crystal white bathroom, kind of luckily, with the toilet seat up. After a while, I felt someone pull my hair out of my face. Deja vu, much?

"You all right, sweetheart?" Drake's soft voice met me, the tinge of American gone.

"Not really," I mumbled, flushing the toilet.

Sighing, Drake sat on the edge of the bath, beside me, still holding my hair back, "I'm sorry."

"No, you're helping me, pretty boy," I replied, "Don't be sorry."

"I should have come sooner. I shouldn't even have let Hunter step all over me, like that," he angrily muttered, getting annoyed with himself.

"Forget Damien. He's dealt with. We've just got to sort out my messed up head, right?" I lightly elbowed him, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah, it's all fuzzy in that pretty little head of yours," he laughed, messing my hair up, as he let it go.

It cascaded around my shoulders, reaching a few inches above my waist, "Ah, so you think I'm pretty?" I teased

He blushed, "Yeah, I do, so did Reuben, so does Shane, and Damien-"

"Okay, stop talking, I'm not pretty," I laughed, blushing immensely.

"Yep, definitely fuzzy," he lightly rapped my head, and made echoing noises, as if it was empty.

Blushing even more, I groaned, feeling sick again. Drake quickly pulled my hair out of my face, as I repeated my earlier action. Okay, I had so many nerves that I was being sick. This better be worth it.

"Asking if you're okay would be stupid, so... Want a mint?" he asked, leaning down to me.

"Thanks," I replied, taking the mint from him.

Silently, I held it in my mouth, cringing from the acidic taste of bile. After a while the cool mint overpowered it, and I allowed myself to chew it. I still felt incredibly ill, but I didn't have anymore content to get rid of. I wondered what I'd be like on my actual wedding day. I'd probably stop halfway up the aisle, to pule in someone's Prada purse. A wry smile made it's way onto my face as I considered that thought.

"I should probably go home, before Damien has a heart attack," I murmured, climbing to my feet.

"Want me to drive you?" he suggested, standing too.

"Thanks, but I kind of need some fresh air," I smiled sheepishly, and he nodded understandingly.

"I guess I'll see you on the big day, huh?" he smirked, lightly kissing my forehead.

"Wear something pretty, pretty boy," I teased, a real smile making it's way onto my face.

"And there's that smile Reuben loved so much, sweetheart."

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