But evilly......

Dear Diary,

So basically there is this guy and yeah he seems erm okay I guess but his daughter not so okay. I swear she's wrong.... in the head not mentally but evilly.
No one believes though (of course) I mean I don't lie all the time but okay maybe I do but I'm sure she is up to no good and this is coming from me!
I think she has something against me and my gut instinct is sending me wrong vibes. Really. Wrong. Vibes.


1. Freedom for good?


Antoinette needed to get away. Why she have to deal with the chaos, inside her household, for another day? Was she not the same as all her other siblings? Obviously not, according to her mother she was a useless, hideous beast, not fit to be born. Well she was going to show them that actually she was the most important thing in their life and without her they’d perish.

She found a local petrol station on the corner of Beryl Avenue and now all she had to do was wait for a jolly female and then she’d ask for a lift and off she would go. A new life in the space of about 10 minutes, more could you ask for? Maybe that her assumption would be correct?

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