One way back. (1D)

"I cannot do this!" that i the main words, that Louisa Julia Payne, uses. She is Liam Payne's cousin. She has been through, more than you could ever imagine. Her brother is gone, and she is the reason why, at least that is how she feel. Liam is no longer a bug part of her life, because she chose to let everyone go. She is still in school, but she is not safe, she is scared. Alone and most of all, still a target. What will happen. Will Liam finally admit that he actually was the one, to let her go. Who will fall for her, and how many?


3. Weaknesses?

I was wet, and cold. All I did was stand there, looking at them, getting them to feel uncomftable. They did, and then Niall came running in, he looked confused at me, but I didn't remove my eyes from the four boys in the living room. They started to look at each other. "She is scary when she stares!" Louis whispered, I kept staring. Zayn started moving in his seat, and I was feeling powerful. "OKAY!! Just stop it! Stop Louisa!" Harry yelled, and looked annoyed. "Okay.. But payback will find its place!" I said, then I walked up to my room, with Niall right after me. "You don't uhm.. Have any clothes I can borrow, do ya?" he asked, with his sexy accent. "Yeah, I do?" I said.

I walked out on the hallway, and stopped infront of Lucas's old room. "Just go in there and find something to.. uhm wear?" I said and left. I walked into my room and memories came back slowly. I started shaking my head, and stripped. I found some clothes and a set of underwear. I walked into the bathroom, and turned on the hot water. The fog started to rise up around me, and I felt small drops fall on my skin from the shower. It felt like a hot summerday, where the rain slowly started to pour.

I could feel the tears forming in my eyes, and I quickly stepped into the shower, where I could let them run as wild as they would. The water felt hotter, than it used to, and I nearly screamed. I turned down the heat, so it was perfect for me, and not burning my white ass. I added shampoo in my hair and washed it twice. It felt like forever being in there, and I heard a knock on the door. "Louisa, are you alright?" Harry asked concerned. I just mumbled mmhmm, and turned of the water, stepped out and started drying my body.

He knocked again "Louisa?" he said as a question, "I am fine Harry, I was just taking a shower, calm down!" I said, he just sighed and I heard his footsteps walking away, and closing the door into my room. I took on my underwear, and sighed deeply. It irritated me, with all of these boys in my house. For 2 months. Father take me! I opened the door and went into my room, I nearly jumped into my closet. "Harry I thought you left!" I said, and tried to hide my scar. "Well I needed to talk to you?" he said, without looking at me, I took a big shirt and pulled it over my head. "You can look now?" I said annoyed. "Sorry, I just.." he paused. "Just what Harry, I am tired, still freezing because you left me, I am not in the mood for you pausing!" I said tired. I walked over, and sat next to him on the bed.

"Sorry its just that.." he said. And the he just looked at me, with his green eyes. I nearly stopped breathing. Then something I never imagined happened. Harry kissed me, and placed his hand on my cheek. I pulled away shocked, I felt torn. Niall kissed me, I kissed him. Harry kissed me, and he has to go out of my room. "Harry.. Please go!" I said, holding my fingers on my lips, totally shocked. "Sorry Louisa, I don't know why I did that. I uhm.. we have to eat." he said and left fast. I was frozen, surprised. Not mad. I stood up, saw my new clothes and just took something on, I could not get the feeling of Harrys lips of me.

I caught myself biting my lips, I always did that, when I was nervous. Dammit! I jumped into the clothes very fast, and walked downstaires. I saw Harry at the kitchen table, next to Louis and Zayn. Which means, I am stuck between Liam and Niall and sitting infront of Harry. Awkward now. "Siit doown, so we can eat, starving!" Louis yelled. I sat down and felt very awkward, I couldn't even look at Harry. "What's for dinner." I asked. Harry answered. "Pizza. Your parents is eating out." he said. "Oh.. ok." I just said. Now every single eye, in this motherfu*ker room, was staring at me. Liam was the worst! "Whaat?" I said and looked around, skipping Harry. "You.. seem embarrassed" Liam said. "Ohh I do, well should we start telling stories, so we both would get embarrassed?!" I asked, his eyes got big "Noo!" he said. I just shrugged my shoulders. "Not embarrassed. Okay! EAT!" I said, and looked at everyone. God I am a bad liar. "What.. was it you sang yesterday? Liar, liar pants on fire!" Zayn sang. I looked evil at him. "Oh you wanna go there?" I said.

"I wanna go there!" he said with a smile. I stood up and ran over to him, slapped him in the face, and ran. I heard him, come after me. And god he was fast. I came throug the living room, and my parents room, then out in the hall, and ended in the kitchen, where he tackled me. I screamed as we fell towards the floor. And that basterd started tickling me. I laughed relly much, and then suddenly he stopped. I looked at the table. Louis and Harry had big eyes, and their mouth dropped. I looked at Zayn, and he looked just like them. I placed my eyes down on my stomach, and saw that my scar was visible. I pulled down the shirt. Pushed Zayn away and went up to the table, I cleared my throat. "Pizza anyone?" I asked, and everyone was in total silence. I sighed loudly and pushed out the chair, walked into the living room and laid down on the sofa. I could not stop the tears from falling anymore. It was never supposed to be shown. To any of them.

"Hey.. Sorry for the lads, they are just shocked. Here have some Pizza." Niall said. He then saw that I was crying, he placed the pizza on the table and got me to sit up, then he sat down. I laid my head on his thighs, I just cried and cried. Niall turned on the telly, so the others wouldn't hear me. "Its okay Louisa, you don't have to cry!" he whispered. I just cried even more. He said what Lucas always said when I was crying. Niall was cuddeling my arm, and trying to comfort me. I slowly calmed down again. Niall was so nice, and didn't even ask about the scar. He just sat there, looking down at me and comforting me. I dried my eyes, and started watching telly. It was something about Justin Bieber. I chuckled and moved a little. Niall placed his arm different. We just sat, and laid there. Watching Justin Bieber, and then it ended. "Now, lets see something with One Direction." the lady said. I just chilled even more, and nearly fell out of the sofa, when they showed One Direction.

How the hell could I forget, that my cousin is famous! "Lets.. just skip that?" Niall said. I grabbed the remote, and threw it towards the kitchen "Heey!!" Niall yelled. We heard a breaking noise and I kept watching the telly. I sat up, totally cathed by the things they showed. "How long ago is that?" I asked and pointed, he sighed. "It is about a month ago!" he said. "So.. my cousin has a girlfriend, and he didn't tell me!" I yelled so Liam heard it. The boys came in slowly, and still looking at me, like I was an X-Men. "I AM NOT IN X-MEN STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!" I yelled annoyed. They put up their hands, for protection. Liam just laughed at them. "Won't help you against her. Black belt in karate!" he said. Yeah that didn't help much when I got the scar, did it? Nooo It did not dear cousin. When I looked at the telly, it was turned off. Harry had done it. "WHY!" I whined at him, he just smiled. "Well, Jennifer and Lauren is on their way over here, so what should we do!!" Liam asked, I looked at him, both of my eyebrows lifted, how did they invite them..

"We got their number yesterday." Zayn told. I looked mad at Liam. Fuuu.. "I hate you.." I said with a smile. "Awww I love you too!" he said, and kissed my forehead. I chuckled and  moved closer to Niall, for protection. Liam just pulled me back and started tickling me. God I hate these boys! Tickle tickle.. fuck you! "Liam... I will bloody beat you to death! Stoop!!" I screamed. He just continued. Just till I fell down on the floor, and hit my bum. "AUCH MY ASS!!" I screamed, now all of the boys were cracking "Niall you are the worst!" I said. He stopped and looked confused at me. "With the laughing.." his face changed and he cracked again. I crawled over to the TV and turned it on, it was an interview in Ireland. Late Late show or something. "Touch the button, and I will bite your fingers off!" I said.

Zayn moved away again, and I saw Niall sitting there in the chair, laughing. "What was so funny?" I asked, I didn't hear it because of them. "Just turn it of! I beg you!" Harry said. "Fine!" I mumbled, I turned it off, and crawled back to Niall. Keeping my eyes on Liam. He just smiled, evil. Then the door opened, and in came Jennifer and Lauren. "TRUTH OR DARE!!" they screamed and was holding coke and snacks. "Oh god, what have I done to deserve this!" I mumbled. "You started talking again!" Jennifer said. "Ok.. gonna stop now then" I said with a smile. "Too little too late, like jojo said." Lauren sang. I just sighed and let my head fall down in Niall's thighs. He chuckled, lifted me up in a sitting position, then he found the bottle again.

I sighed and fell dramatic down on the floor, they just laughed. "Oh well.. Truth or dare Miss. Drama." Niall said, I looked up. "Dare!" I mumbled. "Okay.. Well I have nothing.." Niall said, and looked around. "Well, she has to chose someone to go into a closet with.." I interrupted "LAUREN!!" I said. "Waait! You have to let someone do things to you, no matter what it is.. Just not to kinky!" Jennifer said. "W... WHAT!!" i started to become a little uhm.. nervous. "Well, who do you pick!" she said. I could almost hear Nialls thoughts ME ME ME ME ME!! He said inside of his head. "Niall.." I said. I stood up, and walked into the closet. Niall came after a while. "Well.. You picked me.. didn't think you would.." he said quietly. I smiled. "Who else.. Liam!" I said and smiled even more. He chuckled a little. "Get going in there!" I heard Lauren yell. I just stood there, looking at Niall. He looked nervous. Even though we already kissed.. twice. "So?" I asked. He placed his hands, on the wall behind me. On both sides of my head. He was shaking, I felt so.. So in the middle. He placed his left hand on my cheek, very slowly, and was making his way down to my chin.

I looked down, and he pushed my head slowly up, so I looked him straight in the eyes, they were warm, and full of.. Love? Right when that thought ran threw my mind, our lips crashed together, and now. Now I knew that Niall, Niall was the one I needed, the one I wanted. But I can never say that. I just can't do it. He pulled away, and placed his forehead on mine. "You are so beautiful" he whispered. I just smiled. His finger, ran slowly over my lip, and I felt a shiver down my back. "OUUUT!!" they yelled. Niall kissed me and walked out. I looked after him, and tried to catch my breath. Which somehow escaped. I walked out, in a trance. Everyone was looking at me. I just spun the bottle and it landed on myself again "Truth!" I said. Jennifer looked at me, with the looked that said. Tell everything later! "Well, are you in love?" Harry asked. Liam looked shocked and concerned at the same time. I froze, what was I going to say. "Maybe!" I said, and again I spun the bottle before they could say anything.

After a while, everyone sad in only their underwear again. I sighed, stood up at stripped. "Just.. Don't stare at my scar!" I said and sat down. Niall smiled like a boyfriend who just got his girlfriend alone in a dark room.. Naked. Jennifer and Lauren cheered on me, and I rolled my eyes. They laughed at me, but the boys went a little silent, not Niall and Liam.. Just the rest.. "Seriously.. stop being so quiet.. It is just a scar!" I said, really mad now. They looked down and the rest became quiet. "Is it because you don't know how I got it? Is that why!" I asked, really furious now. Louis tried to say something, but it did not go very well. I stood up, took my clothes and walked up to my room, I was mad, when I first showed it, and actually told that I had it, they were embarrassed over me. WTF! I just threw my clothes on my floor in anger and laid down on my bed, I didn't even cry, I was to mad.

My door opened and in came Niall, in only his underwear "Are you alright love?" he asked. I shook my head. "No, I am not, when I first show it, without hiding, they get embarrassed." I said, all choked up. "No.. no they don't. They are afraid. They don't know how i happened and neither do I, but they are.. difficult." he said. I felt him, really close to me, it was weird. And all of the sudden, he was laying down beside me. I was getting hot, this was to much to me. Niall was laying in only his underpants. I felt.. toooo hot right now. He placed his hand on my side, and I could feel the goosebumps coming slowly. It felt nice, for once to have someone here, caring about me. "Louisa?" he said as a question. "Do not say a word Niall, this is nice." I said. I could feel his smile, and then he put the quilt over us. I fell a sleep.

Niall P.O.V

I had nothing else to do.. I was starstruck, fallen down. I was completely lost now. Nothing could get me away from her. She just jumped into my life, and I would never let her leave. Even if it wouldn't be more than friendship. I looked at her, and she was asleep. I laid my head down again, and heard the door open, I pretended that I was asleep. "I knew she liked him.. Niall i perfect for her.. I would never stand a chance." Harry, actually said, that I was better than him "Thanks lad?" I said. He closed the door, and I laid there for hours. I couldn't fall asleep, I was tired, but I could hear everyone down in the living room. It was nice, to know that they were down there.

Louisa P.O.V

I woke up, all sleepy and Niall was not there anymore, I assumed that he was down stairs, I went out of bed and took a long shower. I just sang in there. It was nice to set the world on pause once in a while, it was really quiet. More than normal.  I stepped out of the shower, and dried myself. I took on my underwear, and some sweatpants. With a tank top. It was really hot. Hotter than I was used to, I decided to go down stairs to see what they were doing. I was standing on the top of the stairs, and heard the TV. Somehow, I was afraid of going down the stairs, it felt like something bad waited on me down there. I took the first step, and then I heard Nialls laugh. It was warm like always, so I continued. It was the worst sight I had ever seen, blood everywhere. Everyone dead, laying all around on the floor. Except for Niall. He was standing with her, kissing her. And then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and there he were. My brothers murderer. He smiled and said something I could not hear, but only read on his lips "See ya soon babe!" and then he took the knife and forced it threw the air.

I woke up screaming. That was all I knew, nothing else.

Liam P.O.V

We were sitting down stairs, watching the telly, and then I heard Louisa scream, not for fun. I jumped out of the sofa and ran up the stairs. I kicked-opened the door and Niall sat there trying to get her to stop, she was panicking, kept on holding her stomach. I saw that she was sweaty and out of herself. I went in there and closed the door shut. I had only seen her like this once, she started whispering. "See ya soon babe." and that same line, she repeated again and again. She screamed when she saw me. I have no idea why. But she would not let me any near her. She looked at Niall and pushed him away from her. This was how it all started the last time. "It wont happen, it wont. We are hear. Listen to me Louisa, I am not letting you close us out. We are here. Right here, to hold your hand and comfort you. DO NOT BLACK OUT!" I said, really harsh. But she stopped. She was still holding her stomach, but she looked relaxed at me. "They are coming back for me." she said in a whisper. I was confused, and Niall was holding his nose. I guess she hit him, without I saw it.

"They are not. If they do, I will kill them, I will not let them harm you, understand!" I said calmly. She nodded, and I walked towards her. I sat down next to her, just holding her. She was in shock, I got her to stand up, looked at Niall who nodded and took her downstairs. It was not easy, with all the people standing outside her door, but Harry rushed in to help Niall, he was bleeding a lot right now. I hope she didn't break his nose. Simon won't be happy about that. I sat her down, on one of the kitchen chairs, poured some water in a glass and gave it to her. She was really, I mean really, really in shock. She barely could hold her glass by herself. "What happened?" I asked. "You.. all dead.. Niall.. with her.. him.. knife.. kill me.. blood.. all over.. living room." she managed to say. My eyes got big, and I was speechless, but Louis came to help me. "Louisa, no one will ever harm any of us. We will not let that happen, to us or you! Alright love?!" he asked. "See ya soon babe, see ya soon babe, see ya soon babe." she repeated. Then it knocked on the door, and she dropped the glass.

Louisa P.O.V

Twelve more days, and he will be back. Twelve more days, and I will turn eighteen, it will be the last day of my life. And theirs too. I heard a knock on the door and dropped my glass. Liam jumped away, and Louis opened. "Heey surprise!" someone said. I froze. It was.. "Wait.. who are you?? Where is.. Louisa.." she said. "Tamara.. Tamara O'Conner..." I whispered. "Uhm, really not a good time." Louis said. "Yup, always.. She needs me!" she said, and stormed in. "Louisa. Missed you... wait.. really it wasn't a good time." she said, when she saw Liam picking up the broken glass. "No.. not at all love!" Liam said. He continued, and she walked right past him "So.. what are you doing here?" he asked annoyed. "I heard that little pippin, started talking again.. So.. Talk?" she said and turned around. I just looked annoyed at my uncle's stepdaughter. Bitch. I ignored her and walked away. "Oh... she is still not talking.. good?"

"I am, so I could tell, everything you did!" I said. She froze, I could feel it. I just smirked. Really evil! I turned around and looked at her, her mouth opened and closed. "Like that time, when you stole all of the money from my uncles cookie jaw. Or that time, when you killed our dog, because you kicked it. Or that time when you by an accident! Shot me in the thigh with the shotgun. You are a bitch. And if I wasn't talking I would have started to talk. Just to rat you out. And now.. I am going to tell it to my uncle when I see him. SO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!" I screamed really mad. She walked, very scared out of the door, and Liam looked at me. Shocked. "She did what... Did she kill marlo?" he asked. I nodded and relaxed a bit again.

It felt weird, walking into the living room. Then I came over to Niall again, I remembered that I might broke his nose. I ran upstairs and in to my room, Niall was laying on the bed, with a paper over his nose. Harry was laughing at him. "Shut up Hazza, it hurts!" Niall said. "Would you try?" I asked Harry. He stopped asap, it was funny how he looked. "Nooo.. Not a chance! Take over please, he keeps whining." Harry said and left. I walked over there, a little afraid of a yelling Niall. He just looked at me, smiling. "Sorry?" I mumbled. I laid down beside him, and he turned his head. "Are you ok?" he asked, concerned look, again! "I guess.. Nothing major?" I said and looked down on the bed. "Nothing major, Love.. You screamed and punched me, then you screamed at Liam. It was really scary." he said. He lifted my chin up so I looked at him. "I am okay." I said, and smiled. I kissed him on the lips and he moaned.. Not that way! Because I hit his nose.. duuh?

"Sorry!" I whispered. He just removed the paper, and looked at me. "It stopped bleeding!" I said. He smiled and kissed me back. "Really sorry!" I said. Then I realized.. I was in my underwear.. And everyone saw it. "LIAM WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I WAS ONLY IN MY UNDERWEAR!" I screamed, and closed the door. I heard the boys laugh a lot. And Niall to. "It is already 11PM.. Gonna sleep again?" he asked. I stood there, with my hands on the door, I could feel the wind, even though there was no window open. The boys! I opened the door, and ran downstairs. They looked weird at me. I could not.. just not let them stay down here. "I beg you! Go to bed!" I said, with tears filling my eyes. "Why!" Louis asked, and tried not to look at my scar. "Bec.. Because you all died in my dream.. in here.." I said. I looked at the boys and tears started streaming down my cheeks. "You were sitting right there!" I whispered. "Yeah.. But Niall is up in your room, wasn't he down here?" Zayn asked. I froze "Over there.. with.. with her?!" I said. They looked confused.

Then they figured it out. "No.. nooo Louisa, Niall would never do that. Don't worry! But for your sake, I will go to sleep, good night boys!" Zayn said, the rest of them followed slowly, and giving me a awkward hug. I just stood there, standing on the cold wooden floor, trying to get myself together. I heard steps on the stairs. I turned around, and Niall looked asking at me. "Coming?" he asked, I nodded and dried away my tears. It was something that he came all the way down here, just to get me. He took my hand, and we walked up to my room. I jumped under the quilt and was freezing, when Niall crawled under too. He pulled me into him and was holding me. I fell asleep, feeling safe and loved.


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