One way back. (1D)

"I cannot do this!" that i the main words, that Louisa Julia Payne, uses. She is Liam Payne's cousin. She has been through, more than you could ever imagine. Her brother is gone, and she is the reason why, at least that is how she feel. Liam is no longer a bug part of her life, because she chose to let everyone go. She is still in school, but she is not safe, she is scared. Alone and most of all, still a target. What will happen. Will Liam finally admit that he actually was the one, to let her go. Who will fall for her, and how many?


2. Living nightmares?

We have been watching tv, for five hours straight. C'mon I was going to die soon. "I AM HUNGRY!" I said very loud. Everyone stared at me, while I was climbing over the couch back. I felt a push on my bum. And that was the next sound Bum.. There I was. Laying on the cold wooden floor. "If I lay here! If I just lay here!" I said, and started crawling to the kitchen. I stood up, when I arrived, and man my knees were hurting. I found some bread and also some nutella, it was what I wanted! I made the sandwiches and ate them out in the kitchen.

I smiled, just like that, did not know why. But I smiled. My smiles, have not been real since the last time I saw Lucas. My older brother. It was a dramatic time, he trie.. not gonna ruin my day! I finished up, took a glass from the cabinet, over the sink. I filled the glass full of ice cold water and drank it. "Louisa, where are you!" Niall yelled, I chuckled a little and walked back in to the living room, after I put the glass into the washer, I jumped over the back of the couch and screamed when I landed on Nialls hand, all of the others started laughing. Give. Me. A. Break.. Bitches.. "Lets do something else than watching the telly.." Liam finally said. "YES.. Someone finally heard my prayers!" I screamed.

"What to do.. what to do..." I sang. "TRUTH OR DARE!!" Louis yelled, and the bad thing about that.. He was sitting next to me, so I jumped about one hundred meters up in the air. Okay.. Maybe not. But it was very close! Not at all.. "Okay.. lets play!" I said. I stood up, found a bottle and placed it on the table, then I sat down again. "I'll start!" I said and smiled. I spun the bottle and it stopped on Harry. "DARE!" he said eagerly. "Uhm.. Ok? Lets see.." I said, and was thinking about something. Louis whispered something to me, and that. That was a first class dare. "You. Harry. You have to strip. Down to your underwear, and then, run around the house, only one round, and you have to keep the clothes of, till the bottle stops on you for the fifth time!" I said, he looked at Louis, kinda irritated. "Okay!" he said, he took of all of his clothes, walked to the door, while the rest of us followed. He then walked outside and ran around the house.

It wasn't cold, totally heatwave. He came back and ran inside, sat down which the rest of us did to. He spun the bottle. It stopped on Niall "DARE!" he also said. "Uhm.. just take of all of your clothes!" Harry said. Niall stripped, and sat down next to me. Still in his underpants. "I am not going to show the Nialllizard!" he said and smiled. "Myyy tuuuurn!" he said, and span the bottle. After a while, everyone was in there underwear. Except for me. I was having a blast. Liam span the bottle and it stopped on me. "She has to take her clothes of to!" Liam looked at me, worried. "No.. She is not! She has to kiss one of the boys in here." he said. Nate looked like he was the one, I turned my face, and kissed Niall. Shortly! He smiled a winner smile, and I ignored it. I span the bottle and it hit Zayn "Uhm.. Truth!" he said. I nodded, smiled and shot it. "Who is your favorite girl in here!" I said. His eyes fell on Jennifer. Duuh. "Uhhh Jennifer!!" me and Niall shouted. Zayn blushed, and we stopped.

Last but not least. It came to me. I had to strip, but I was afraid, they would see all of my scars. I just couldn't do it. "I cannot do this!" I said, they looked weird at me. Not Liam, Jennifer, Lauren or Nate. The rest of them. "Why?" Louis asked, curios, not to pressure me. "Uhm.. I just can't. I.. I" I froze. Suddenly I was speak less again, all of the words, got stuck on my tongue. I just stood up, and left the living room. I walked into my room, and lifted up in my shirt. Just to look at the scar. It hurt me to look at it everyday. It was going to be there forever, and there was nothing I could do! I heard my door open, but I was in my trance, like I always were when I looked at the scar. "Why didn't you just tell us." I blinked, and then I was back. I turned around, and looked at Niall, he was fully dressed again.

"I just.. I could not get myself to say it, you would all start asking questions. Wouldn't you?" I asked him. He just looked down, then he looked up, with eyes full of understanding. "Yes we would, we would Louisa. But only to know why.. and how? Only to know why you would get sad, or have bad days!" he said quiet. He walked towards me, and then it hit me. I am still showing my scar. I looked down, and the shirt fell to its place. Niall lifted my head up, by placing two fingers under my chin. He smiled, not just with his lips, also his eyes. I have not been, so close to a boy, for four years, except for when I was cutting Nate free from the tree. It frightened me. I was about to move away, when Nialls hand fell down, he just stood there, trying to read me. But there have not been a single person in the world, that could read me. Except for Liam.. and Lucas.

"Niall. It is getting late.. Maybe you.. you should go?" I stammered. He looked confused at me. "Didn't you know? Your parents are letting us stay here for the whole summer." he said. I froze, again. In only two weeks it was the day of the accident. Five years ago it happened, and they were here. While I was going to cry my eyes out. He saw it, and backed away. "Sleep well Louisa." he said and smiled weakly. I just stood there, looking at Niall, trying to talk, but he walked out and closed the door. Here I was, all alone in the dark, just like that night on the school. The night I lost Lucas. Forever.

I heard all of the boys laugh, and I felt a breeze on me again. This time it was sadness, that was what the breeze brought to me. Sadness. My knees became jelly, and I fell to the floor. I started crying like a maniac, and the thing is, I have not cried for four years, all of my tears just stopped. It was so unreal. Niall started it again, somehow. I heard Jennifer and Lauren leave and say goodbye to the others, Nate right after. This scared me, I kept trying to get the tears to go away by hitting my cheeks. And you all know, that this way, would not help. Suddenly I just stopped. I got mad, on my parents, for not telling me.

I stood up, and took of my clothes, I just jumped into bed in my underwear. I surely hope that Jennifer, Lauren and Nate, took on their clothes before leaving! And after thinking that, I fell asleep.


"LOUISA GET UP!!!"  someone yelled, right into my ear. I screamed, and sat up, I hit my head into someones. "Auuuch!" Niall said. "NIALL!" I screamed. Then it came to my mind. I was only in my underwear. I covered my body fast with my quilt. Then I blushed. "No need to blush sweetie!" he said and smiled. Then he rubbed his forehead. "Sorry about that." I said and pointed at his head. He chuckled, and then smiled. "My own fault." he said and cuddled my cheek, then he got up and walked out. I looked after him, totally confused. I stood up and guess who came in. Harry. "So so sorry!" he said and covered his eyes. I just laughed, hurried up with getting dressed and looked at Harry which still stood in the door and hiding his face. "You can look now!" I said. I walked over to him and pecked his cheek.

He smiled and it would have melted my heart, if I was any other. I just smiled back, I walked down in the kitchen and saw my mom cooking breakfast. All of the boys smiled at me. "So.. what are we doing today!" Harry asked from behind me. "No idea.. As long as its not inside with the tv?" I mumbled. They laughed, mostly Niall. I just smiled. "What about, shopping?" Louis asked. I smiled and nodded eagerly. "I am in desperate need of new clothes!" I said, and smiled even bigger.

"Well, then lets go!" Liam said. I looked at him, with an evil eye! "No way, I need my breakfast Liam!" I said and sat down. "Louisa.. It is 1 o'clock, maybe you should have gotten out of bed, earlier." he said. "Whaat? Is it already 1PM?" I said. Suddenly I felt even more hungry. "I will wait till we get into the city" I said, and put on a sad face. "here honey, use as many as you want!" my mom said and handed me her card. I looked at her, as if she was joking. "Not a joke, you really need a new wardrobe!" she said and rushed me out.

I looked weird all the way, I just looked at the card. Which annoyed some of the boys. "Wake up! It is not at dream, you have the card! Talk to us!" Zayn said. I laughed, and looked at the boys. "Sorry, not used to getting the card.. I feel like there is something I have missed.. Something I decided to ignore." I said. They just smiled. "Well your dad.. Is the director of the company he have worked at for years." Liam said. I looked at him, shocked. I could not think of a word to say, I ignored that. How could I ignore that!

"Wow.. okay?" I just said. "I've got to buy him a present." I said. Liam smiled a not listening smile. "Well.. fuck you too!" I said and stuck my tongue at him. Now he was paying attention! "Well who taught you that word!" he said surprised. "Yo.. never mind... I don't remember! LOOK THE MALL" I said, so he would drop the subject. He looked away and laughed. I ignored him! MUHAHA... not funny. Nope.. "Oh no.. Not her!!" I whined. "Not who?" Niall asked. "Bit... Uhm Kamil, and Alia. The mean girls on my school." I said. "Ohh.. well lets make a show" Niall said.

We pulled into a parking lot and stepped out, Niall took my hand and pulled me after him. "Don't do anything stupid Niall!" Liam yelled after us. "No I promise!" Niall answered. But if I had known, what he was going to do.. I would have ran away faster than flash.. "Babe, where should we go first?" he asked. "Well I am hungry.. and babe?" I asked confused. "Play along!" he whispered. "OH MY DIRECTION!! That is Niall from 1D." Alia yelled. I was about to hide. "Look who he is holding hands with.. it.. its Silence." they whispered. I was really scared. "Come on princess" Niall said and laid his arm around my back. I was confused, but I finally knew what he was doing. "Coming honey" I said. They dropped their mouth.. Or something! "Oh my god, Niall! Can we have your autograph!" they finally asked. "Sure, if it is okay with my girlfriend" he said. I just nodded. He signed their arms, and then he turned around and kissed me. ON THE LIPS!! I know I kissed him yesterday, but that was in truth or dare, this felt like he had feelings in it.

Niall dragged me after him, inside the mall. I was in total shock. He just smiled, and I smiled at him. I just followed him, we found the others and then we started shopping. I actually had fun, for once! We finished shopping at four, and I was dying, I needed food! "Food!!" I whined. Niall nodded, and smiled. He took my hand and we found a food counter. I was going to eat everything!!  "I just want.. the nachos! The biggest!" I said to the man standing there. He nodded and looked at Niall. "The same." he said. The other boys, were gone.

"Where did the others go?" I asked, a little uncomfortable, I did't not know why. "I don't know." he said and looked around confused. He then just shrugged his shoulders. We went down to the table, and waited for our food. "Niall.. Uhm that kiss?" I slowly tried to ask. "It was just acting!" he said real fast. "Okay" I said a little disappointed, he just smiled a fake smile. LIAR! But I kept it for myself. You know, we only met yesterday. Take it slow brain. Just remember last time.. Liar.. yup Liar!! That was what my brain could say.. seriously smart girl here. Level up brainster!

"So, what are we going to do after?" I asked. "Go on a fake date!" he said as a joke. "C'mon, for real Niall." I said. He smiled cheeky and chuckled, he could almost never do anything else than make me smile. It was just something he did. "I know what we could do!" I said. "What?" he asked. I smiled big, and he look wondering at me. "When I count to three, we say our favorite color, and you chose what next. 1. 2. 3" I said "Green!" we said at the same time. "Okay, favorite band, besides 1D 1. 2. 3" and then again "The script!" we said and laughed. That we continued with for a half an hour.

We finished our nachos and left, everything we mentioned was the same thing. We had so much fun, till we stood there on the parking lot and the car was gone. "What the hell, they just took of!" I said annoyed. "Come on, we are just walking home?" Niall said. I nodded and he grabbed my hand. We just started walking. At least they had my bags. We came a long way and then the rain started pouring down! I started screaming and Niall started running. Still holding my hand, it was so funny. We ran the rest of the way, but then Niall stopped us. "Louisa, that kiss.." I stopped him "Was not just acting!" I finished him. "No.. it wasn't see.. I have this.. problem sometimes... I fall in love really fast!" he said. "And I.. I ju.." I cut him off, I just smacked my lips onto his. Even though I did not know what I felt for him!

He broke off the kiss, and looked surprised at me. "But.. why?" he asked. "I did it, too shut you up!" I said and smiled, then I turned around and ran away, I ran home. Blood will be seen today! Not.. Just mad faces. I ran inside, and shut the door. "Look outside, it is raining and you know what, you left me and Niall at the mall, very sweet of you!" I said irritated. They just laughed.


I really hope you like it, one of my first stories, so plzz like and all of that:D


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