One way back. (1D)

"I cannot do this!" that i the main words, that Louisa Julia Payne, uses. She is Liam Payne's cousin. She has been through, more than you could ever imagine. Her brother is gone, and she is the reason why, at least that is how she feel. Liam is no longer a bug part of her life, because she chose to let everyone go. She is still in school, but she is not safe, she is scared. Alone and most of all, still a target. What will happen. Will Liam finally admit that he actually was the one, to let her go. Who will fall for her, and how many?


1. Wakening.

I am not supposed to keep being scared, keep seeing him die. I am not supposed to keep fighting in my dreams! Or am I. Is it m own fault. Is this the way I am going to pay, for killing my brother that day, four years ago. I have no friends, and I have not been talking for the past four years.

"Louisa, get up sweetheart, it is time for school!" my mom yelled, from the bottom of the stairs. I just got out of bed, took some clothes and went to take a shower. I stood there, and looked at all the scars on my body. The worst one, was the one one on the stomach. The pain came back, and I made a weird ass face.

I walked into the shower, and the hot water ran down my body. It felt nice, like it rinsed my scars. I washed my hair, twice and then walk out of the shower. It felt like a cold December breeze. I dried my body and wrapped a towel around my hair. I took on my underwear and then my tight jeans, my tight shirt, and then an XL blouse over, it was hot outside, and the last day of school before a long summer vacation!

I walked down the stairs and my mom attacked me with a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning Love! Your dad is ready to take you to school! First finish your breakfast!" she said and went out in the kitchen. I walked after her, and saw waffles and syrup. I just started eating, I was hungry, and I always were! I finished eating, and started staring at my mom, she then turned around, and smiled. "Honey, she is ready. You can drive her now!" she yelled. She took her hand, and tickled my cheek, I smiled at her.

I stood up, pushed my chair back under the table and walked out to the hall, I put on my shoes, and took on my jacket. I opened the door, and went to the car. It was going to be a good day, no matter what! "Hey beautiful! Good morning, slept well?" my dad asked. I shook my head and his smiled faded. "Nightmare?" he asked quiet. I nodded, and jumped in on the front seat. He came in right after and started the car, and we drove to the school.

After 20 minutes in the car, we arrived. "Want me to follow you in?" he asked. I shook my head again. I opened the door and my dad stopped me. "I love you honey, if you count the stars, you will know how much!" he said, I smiled and pointed a finger towards me, formed a heart and pointed at him. He smiled, I closed the door and then walked in. I saw Lauren and Jennifer, they waved at me and ran towards me "There is a surprise, for every student today, some band is coming to town! Just for us!" Jennifer said and smiled, like that model she is.

I smiled and we went to the auditorium and we took places up in front. Our principal walked on stage and talked about the year. "This year has been a great year to all of us, some enjoyed it by talking, and some went quiet, but still she scored the highest score of this year, so Louisa Julia Payne, come up and get the student award." he said. I froze but hurried up there. Took the prize on 100 pound and went down to my seat. He continued "We have planned a short day, so lets get the boy band One Direction out here!" he said. I was holding my ears, every single girl in the room screamed, while I was losing my hearing. The band came on, and I was still holding my ears.

They sang and finished. The girls stopped screaming and I removed my hands "Someone did not like our song. Holding her ears threw the hole song!" one of the boys said. I looked up and nearly fainted. Then I did something shocking "LIAM!" I yelled. I fell down from the chair, and was holding my throat. I never thought I was going to talk, ever again. "L.. Louisa!" he said shocked "OH MY GOD YOU TALKED, YOU ACTUALLY TALKED LOUISA TALKED!" Lauren panicked. "SHUT UP!" I screamed. I was so afraid of my own voice, so I covered my mouth, with my hands.

I started panicking and couldn't breathe. It was scary, and I lost my hearing even more now. Liam came down from stage and was shaking me, I looked at him with a blurry sight. I started crying. "Louisia!" he said. I hugged Liam tight and kept whispering his name, I thought I lost him. "Liam, you came back!" I said totally in shock. "Boys come and help me!" he said. But I just would not let go. I was struggling to hold on to him. I was afraid that he would leave me like Lucas. He lifted me up, and they took me away from the crowd. "Jennifer, Lauren!" I whispered, I was still to afraid of my own voice. I haven't heard it for four years!

"Shh, we are right here, don't talk, you are just freaking yourself out!" Jennifer said. "One thing!" I said. She nodded "Be a model!" I said. She just looked at me, with the dumbest look. "I called your parents, they are on the way.. Now how, do you now that hottie?" Lauren asked. "Cousin." I said. She nearly fell, in shock. "Liam fucking Payne is your cousin!" she yelled. "Liam, I can walk. Thank you!" I said it with the most fragile voice, ever heard. He smiled and sat me down. We were in my English room now, and I looked around. Every memory in here, was just.. just silence, from my site.

I started smiling, when I heard my parents loud voices. I ran out to the hallway, and they stopped, looking at me, with a waiting look. "Hi.. Again" I said quiet. My mom jumped up and down just of happiness, and my dad ran towards me, lifted me in a hug and spun us around. I laughed, and that scared me even more. "I love you, also till you finish counting the stars daddy!" I whispered in his ear. When he placed me on the floor, he was crying. Then his face turned into stone. "Liam. Liam James Payne!" he said cold. Liam shrunk under that voice. He knew that he left me, when I needed him. "Uncle, I.." he started "Stop it ok? I do not want to hear this. I turned my back to everyone I loved, and you know that dad. Liam just understood I needed time, he just... forgot me after a while. It is best that way, or else he will just get hurt!" I said, scared and shaking.

My dad and Liam looked confused at me, my mom hugged me short and smiled "My baby girl, it is long over, nothing will happen to Liam!" she whispered. She walked over to him and gave him a big hug. It made my dad smile too. "Sorry Liam, never mind that thing!" he said. He went over there and hugged him. I smiled and then a dark cloud hit me when someone pocked me in my scar. I blacked out, back to that night and I nearly screamed. But I turned my head and saw a beautiful green color. "Hii, I'm Harry!" he said and chuckled. I could not help but smile. "Im NIALL.. The IRISH ONE!!" he screamed in a funny voice. I started to chuckle and he hugged me. "I am Zayn. The boring vain one.." he said and smiled. "Hey Giiirl! I am Jennifer!" the last one said. Jennifer hit him in the back of his head and laughed. "Why you do that to Jennifer!" he said and frowned. "Because.. LOUIS. I am Jennifer!" she said.. "Uhm.. Nope.. You are JenniHOT!!" he said, and was hiding behind Harry. "Again.. Model!" I whispered.


"Have a great summer!" our principal said. Everyone screamed, and I just kept quiet. "ICE CREAM!" Jennifer and Lauren yelled. I felt arms around me, when we walked out from the school and saw Nialls hair "WE ARE SO ON!" he said. I started to laugh, but stopped when I heard it "Oh god.. I sound like a chihuahua barking?" I said and held a hand over my mouth. Everyone laughed, and I looked scared at Niall. "Yeah.. worse right?" he said, blinked and let go of me.

"Okay, Ice cream.." I then said. We walked over there, because my parents already drove home. I felt a hand in mine, and saw that it was Niall again. Liam looked weird at our hands, but then just smiled and shakes his head. I just smiled, I did not want to freak out. We arrived shortly after at the Ice Cream shop. "Louisa, we actually have a little surprise. We are going to stay for the whole summer. Just here in Wolverhampton!" Liam said and smiled nervously. I smiled a big smile, and attacked him right there in the shop. While holding Nialls hand. We started laughing again, and I went up ti the counter, ordered a chocolate chip ice cream. The lady behind the counter looked pretty shocked. "Is our lovely Louisa back!" she said, with a thick Scottish accent, I smiled and nodded. Somehow I was!

We all ate our Ice Creams, and had a lot of fun. Just talking about memories, beside the accident. Which was not an accident. Just to clear that out! We just talk about me and Liam attacking each other with snow, ice cream and when I fell in the pond, in the park when I was five, so Liam had to swim out and save me. "So Louisa, what do you do in your spare time?" Niall asked. "She used to sing a lot. It sounded like a fallen angel!" Liam said, before I could answer "Liar, liar pants on fire!" I said and made a funny face. "Okaaay... Moving on!" Harry said and poked Liam on the cheek. "Weirdo!!" I said and poked his cheek. He smiled and stuck out his tongue.

My eyes widened, he just laughed at me, " I am deeply in shock Harry, how could you draw that weapon!" I said, and gasped. He stopped laughing, and then I started. "Tired?" Niall asked me, when I yawned. "yuuup.. Not much sleep.." I said and smiled weakly. He smiled and poked my nose, so I went cross-eyed. They started laughing. "I should go home, it getting late!" I said tired. They looked confused at me. "Its only 4PM Louisa." Zayn said. I was just so tired, but I knew, if I went home and took a nap, they would be back. "Okay.. Fine.. What should we do?" I asked. Niall smiled proud, I guess he got an idea? "Cinema!! Lets go watch.. uhhm.. THE EXPENDABLES 2" he said. I nodded. I. Do. Not. Know. That. Film.. "Lets take my car!" Louis said.

I looked confused at him. He stood up, and left. Harry smiled at me, one of those smiles, girls would die for. I looked away and stood up "Bathroom!" I said and pointed in the direction. Lol.. Direction! So funny I can be! I walked down there, and saw some girls look evil at me. "Just go over and ask for autographs.. They do not bite.." I said. Win!! I continued and walked into the bathroom, I took one of the toilets, very clean. Nice! I heard someone come in, but ignored it. Finished up and went out. Oh no. The giirls.. Fuck.

"So you think you are so awesome, because you hang with 1D.. Honey.. They will get rid of you sooner or later!" one of them said. "Tell that to my cousin Liam.. Liam Payne.. Maybe you heard of him.. One of the band members." I said. Suddenly their eyes widened. Winner!! "Omd.. You.. SO COOL!" the other one screamed. "Shut up Marissa!" the other one bite. Who the hell peed on her pancakes? I washed my hands, and went for the door. "I could ask for a picture with them for you?" I said, nicely.. Not evilly?? The.. Marissa nodded her head and followed me, the other one stopped her. "If you follow her, we will no longer be friends!" she said, wow.. she should not have eaten that pancake.. "Fine, you always treat me like trash." Marissa said. And then she followed me. "Hey guys.. Could you take a photo with her?" I asked.

Their eyes lightened up and they nodded. "Hey giiirl!" Louis said and poked my site again "Stop that!!" I whined. He laughed. The other boys stood up, and I took a picture of them. She got their autographs, she nearly died. "Marissa, which school are you going to?" I asked. "Yours?" she said. "Why have I never seen you?" I asked. She blushed "We.. stayed away from you, even though I wanted to be there for you Cruella kept me from it, she would ruin my image." she said, she was embarrassed. "it is ok. Call me?" I asked. She nodded eagerly. We walked out, and right there in front of us, a totally ugly car was parked. I just shake my head, and jump in. The boys were totally dying of laughter right now. Louis looked mad towards the boys, they came into the car, followed by Jennifer and Lauren. Which seemed to fancy them a lot.

I know, I know. We are in a car, with five famous hotties, and I am just down to earth. Only because I know that Liam only hangs out with people that is also down to earth. "Well, just one question" I said, while dragging out on the one. They laughed and nodded "Why the hell on earth would you have your vacation here, in Wolverhampton?" I asked, they all looked at Liam. "I should have known." I just whispered, he smiled and looked innocent. "Brat!" I said and made a face. "Well I love you too!" he said and kicked me, with no force. I just smiled very.. what do people say. Cold.

All of the people in the car, started laughing, just not Louis. He was driving. "One question. Which way?" he asked. Liam was fastest and told him the direction. I just sighed. Everyone had their eyes on me now. "What? What is it?" I asked confused. "Why is.. why is there a naked teenager, bound to you're tree?" Jennifer asked. I looked and my eyes widened. "Not again. When is he going to grow up!" I said and opened the door "Nate Thomason.. Why.. Stop that shit!" I yelled, while heading towards him. "You.. you can talk!" he said and his eyes were bigger than ever. "Uhmm DOOH.. Yeah.. Or else I would not be talking, would I?" i asked.

"It was Will.. again. Sorry I do not know why he keeps doing it right here, at your house!" he said. I was mad. I turned around, walked over to the other side of the street, and walked up to Will's house. I knocked the door pretty hard, and he opened. "Whats up silence.." he asked and started to laugh "Whats up.. Whats up! Get your fat ass, full of fat.. Over to my front yard and untie Nate, or else you will feel my foot up in your ass!" I said, through grinned teeth. He looked scared at me, and ran over there, untied Nate, which could not move, because he was bloody naked. I walked over there, pointed my finger towards Will. "Take off your pants and your shirt. And then you borrow it to Nate, understood." I just looked at him, he nodded, and took it off. Nate was hiding behind the tree and took on the clothes. Will ran home, in only his underpants. While I was dying. I could not stop laughing, it was just so hilarious, the others looked at me, with a surprised look. "What did you say to him?" Louis asked. "Yeah.. Really he has always been after you, because you did not speak." Jennifer said.

"I said. If he didn't go over and untied Nate, I would place my foot up in his fat ass of fat." they just looked at me, and I sighed loud, and then walked into the house. They laughed, and followed. "Coming Nate?" i yelled, without looking back. I did not have a clue if he was going to come. 


I hope you like it, I am very pleased with the first chapter myself! So if you do like it:D Please like, comment some things about it, what you like and do not like. And tell your own writers about it:D Thank you. -1FunnyDirection

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