Something Between Us

When Zayn Malik was dating Ariana's best friend, Ariana falls for him. She knew this was wrong. Because Ariana already has a boyfriend. But she couldn't push the feeling away. But when Ariana caught her own best friend was snogging with her boyfriend, what will happen? What will happen to Ariana's relationship with her best friend? Will she break up with her boyfriend and get together with Zayn Malik?


3. Chapter 2 ~ Happy Birthday!

Ariana's POV

'Good morning babe.' Kevin said, in his morning voice. I turned to see my sweet adorable boyfriend beside me. His eyes, twinkling. I flinched, am I the only one who gets turned on hearing his sexy morning voice.'Good morning twinklehead.' I replied, saying 'twinklehead' as his nickname. He kissed my forehead, which made me blush. I love him.

I stood up, stretching, letting the tiredness go away. I walked into the bathroom, getting ready. Once I'm out, seeing Kevin who slept back. Geez, he is a heavy sleeper. I shook him.

'Urghhh.. I don't want to get up..' He groaned, which made me chuckled. 'Do you want cold---' He cut me off, 'Unless...' He said. 'Unless what?' I asked back.

'You kiss me..'

'Ew. Go brush your teeth first!'

'Fine, on the forehead.'

I leaned in, to kiss his forehead. Then I stood back up, which made him sit.

'There. Now get ready!' I said. He went to the bathroom. I could hear a knock on the door before I heard Lana shouted, 'Breakfast ready! Pancakes on the table!' 'Alright!' I replied.

I walked out to see Lana standing there, grinning like an idiot.'What?' I asked. 'Did you and Kevin.. you know.. make out?' She asked back. I punched her playfully at her shoulder. 'Why do you ask me every morning after I slept with Kevin?' 'Nevermind.' She walked out, still grinning.I shook. I walked to the kitchen counter, grabbing the pancakes then sat down on the couch in front of the television. I switched on the television. There was nothing interesting until I heard my name mentioned. It's on E! News.

'We have One Direction here for a speech!' The lady said. Then One Direction popped out.

'Hi guys! I'm Liam! I'm Zayn! I'm Harry! I'm Louis! And I'm Niall! And we are ONE--- DIRECTION!'

'Actually, we are here to congratulate our friend, Ariana Jay Lane for her 18th birthday! You can drink with us now! Yay! Anyway, we love you Ariana and happy birthday again, love. Bye!'

It ended with Zayn saying 'I love you Lana!' I laughed, it's really funny. I texted Harry.

Aww thanks Haz. Tell the boys thanks and I love them too. Bye x

This was sweet. Then Lana came out of nowhere, surprising me. 'Hey! You watched E! News?' She asked. I nodded, 'Mhm, Zayn even said he loved you. That was sweet!' I said. She just grinned, still like an idiot and just shrugged her shoulders. She walked away, to her Lanaland.

Again, I was surprised with a necklace placed on my shoulder. I turned back, to see Kevin smiled at me, sweetly. 'Happy Birthday babe.' He said. I was speechless. 'Look what is was craved, on the necklace.' He said. I checked the necklace.

'Ari and Twinklehead forever.'

'Aww, this is too sweet Kev!' I said, almost shouted. I could see that this day would be great.

The phone rang. Actually it was my phone. From the boys. I put it on speaker.

'Hi boys! You're on speaker!' I said.

'Hey Ariana! Happy birthday girl!' Louis shouted.

'Thanks Lou! You're the best!' I said, before Kevin faked cough.

'Oh.. I meant second best.' I said, correcting my words.

I could hear they chuckled from the other line. 'Is Kevin, your hot, sweet, cool, adorable, sexy, perfect, gorgeous, handsome, nice boyfriend there too?' Zayn asked.

'Mhmm!' Kevin said.

'Hi Kevin!' Niall said.

'Hi!' Kevin said back. Kevin has always bonded with Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry since they met. They were totally cool with each other.

'Alright, gotta go! Bye!' Liam said. 'Bye!' they synchronized. Before I could reply, they hung up.

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