Something Between Us

When Zayn Malik was dating Ariana's best friend, Ariana falls for him. She knew this was wrong. Because Ariana already has a boyfriend. But she couldn't push the feeling away. But when Ariana caught her own best friend was snogging with her boyfriend, what will happen? What will happen to Ariana's relationship with her best friend? Will she break up with her boyfriend and get together with Zayn Malik?


2. Chapter 1 ~ Ariana Lane

Hi! I'm Ariana Jay Lane. I'm 18. I don't talk much. I am the only child. My mother, Katelyn is sweet, caring and perfect.

My father? To make a log story short, he cheated on Mum. Once he went to a friend's party and well.. drank too much. Brought home a lady and well.. you know the rest. It really crushed me and Mom's heart.

Let's stop talking about my family.

I have a boyfriend. He's cool. Well, almost. My best friend, Lana Evelyn is dating a worldwide superstar, Zayn Malik. Me, Lana and the whole One Direction often hangout together. We're pretty bonded. Cool, right?

My boyfriend, Kevin Jake Evans, is my prince. He's cool, adorable, nice, and yeah.. perfect. We've been dating for 3 months already. Ah, I forgot to tell you that I live with my mother. My mother? Well.. let's say she got a job and she's out of the town.

Lana's house is pretty cool. She lives alone, so I can sleep with Kevin. Mom knows Kevin. And she's actually cool with me sleeping with him. Cool Mom, I love her.

One Direction.. my favorite is actually Zayn. But taken, too bad! Aha!

So if you're too bored, leave. Because this is about my life.

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