Dream on


2. Whisked away

"Are you okay?" My friend Jaime asked. I turned my head to face her while I fumbled around for my books.
"Yeah, just a little anxious that's all." I replied.
"Anxious for what?" I slammed my locker and turned to her.
"I don't know. I just have a good feeling that's all." We walked to class together since she was in my next period and we took our seats. The boys were messing around as usual while the girls talked rapidly over who knows what, and the teacher wasn’t even in the room. I laid my books down on my desk and walked over to where the girls were socializing.
"So Victoria, did you hear about the One Direction concert coming up?" My classmate Sarah asked.
"Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I already got my tickets, they're REALLY good seats." I said.
"Lucky! My mom is still debating on letting me go." Nicole (another classmate) whined.
"Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats and we will begin." Ms. Jay said walking into the room. Everyone motioned to their seats and quieted down. Why did every class seem to repeat the same things besides material?
"Today we will be reading a fairytale to help with our next writing assignment in our creative writing unit. Please open your literature books to page 567 and we will begin. Nicole can you start us off?" Nicole started to read and everyone listened to the story. I could now only hear the echo of Nicole's voice as she read to us about Snow White.
"Long ago in a castle far away, there lived a Princess named Snow White……" She continued to read and ended up finishing it as well. I tried to picture myself as Snow White, living with strange men and taking care of them, getting poisoned and falling into a deep sleep. I imagined a handsome prince waking me up with a kiss and riding off with me into the sunset. Sadly, that stuff only happens in fairytales and in movies.
"Well done. Now why is this story so...ring….ring…ring." Ms. Jay picked up the phone and we all stared at her waiting to hear who got in trouble and for what. Ms. Jay seemed really concerned with whatever she was talking about and obviously confused too. She hung up and said nothing. We all looked at one another but I was the only one who spoke up since I had a close bond with Ms. Jay.
"Who was that?" I asked.
"Oh, someone from the lower office." I nodded slowly and looked away. A loud ear piercing scream was heard from the hallway. Everyone stood up to see what happened but Ms. Jay quickly told us to stay in our seats and to not go anywhere near the door. It seemed a bit strange that something like that happened but Ms. Jay made us do a worksheet to keep our attention focused on something else.
"A? No D. Or is it C?" I thought out loud while biting the end of my pencil. Just then someone knocked on the door.
"Can you please answer it Sarah?" Ms. Jay said while she was texting someone from her phone, not bothering to look up. I watched Sarah open the door carefully and a muscular guy peered in.
"I'm looking for Victoria Casey?" The man said. I looked at him and his face softened when he noticed me. My face stiffened though because I knew exactly who he was.
"Victoria, can you come with me?" He asked. I knew this wasn’t meant to be a question, but I didn’t get up. He motioned me over and the whole class was staring at me waiting for me to leave.
"Who are you?" I lied, still refusing to get up.
"Paul Higgins. Now I need you to come with me." He said.
"Sorry but my mom doesn’t let me leave with strangers." I said politely.
"Yes she does now come on." Now he was getting a little irritated.
"Give me one REALLY good reason why I should leave with you." I said with a little bit of attitude. Paul looked to his right and motioned for someone to come over. He was whispering to someone so quietly I couldn’t hear at all what they were saying. The mystery guy appeared in the doorway and my eyes widened and my jaw dropped so fast I thought I broke it. Everyone who knew this person gasped and or shrieked. My friends all looked at me and I began to shake a little now with excitement, for I saw Louis Tomlinson standing right before my eyes wanting to take me with him. Wow I must be dreaming!
"Okay, that's a good enough reason." I said getting up. I collected my books and walked out with them. Kids from other classrooms who could see us were watching and whispering without fixing their gaze.
"So, where exactly are you taking me?" I asked.
"London." Louis said. I opened my locker and it was pretty awkward having a celebrity just watching me do it but, I didn’t mind. I packed my backpack with only my Ipod and phone and we went to exit the building.
"Why London and what for?" Not that I really cared at this point but it was still something I should know.
"I'll explain everything once we get in the car." Paul said.
"He's our manager by the way." Louis whispered into my ear. I nodded even though I knew that already. We exited the building and headed to the black van parked out front in the schools' circular driveway and climbed in. When I settled in my seat I didn’t realize I was sitting next to Harry Styles! Louis sat on my right; Zayn was in the back with Niall, and Liam was in the front with Paul.
"Hi, you must be Victoria! I'm Niall." He said politely. I waved to him.
"I'm Harry."
"I'm Zayn."
"I'm Liam."
"You already know I'm Louis." He joked. I laughed at him a little bit. It was a bit overwhelming to all of a sudden be in the same car as your idols but I was actually pretty calm about it.
"So now why am I here exactly?" I asked.
"Long story short, Paul came across your videos on YouTube and tracked you down so we could try and sign you." Harry said to me.
"Kind of like Bieber?" I said. I thought about the tweet Niall posted.
"Yeah I guess you could say that." He said. It was like they knew my dream all along! The entire car ride we were talking about their tours and singing to songs on the radio. It was really cool to be singing with them, even if it was just for fun right now. What felt like minutes were actually hours. We pulled into the airport and we all climbed out. Screaming fans and cameras were crowding the band as they helped unload the trunk.
"Just stay by me." Liam whispered as he handed me my carry on. My luggage consisted of two medium sized suitcases and one carry on. The boys all had backpacks since they only came to America to get me. We made our way through the mob and boarded the plane. I stayed by Liam the entire time and Harry stayed close too while the others trailed behind. On the plane I sat in between Harry and Liam. It seemed like they would become my new best friends quicker than the others would, even though we all got along. I closed my eyes once the plane took off since it has been a long day so far and I'd be on here for awhile already. Something woke me and I opened my eyes to find that I was leaning on Harry's shoulder.
"Did I wake you?" He asked smiling. He was holding a very familiar phone in his hands.
"Is that my phone?" I asked alarmed. He held it in front of him shaking it a bit.
"Yeah, the lads and I all put our numbers in it in case you needed anything." He said. I took the phone back from him.
"What's going to happen when we get to London?" I asked. He thought about it for a moment before answering.
"We'll first get you settled in since you'll be staying in the guest room in me and Louis' flat. Then we'll head over to Simon's office with you to see what your contract includes, and then we'll probably go out to dinner depending if you're tired out or not." I was so excited I didn’t know if I wanted to cheer or cry tears of joy, but to cover it all up so I didn’t look like a freak, I just nodded biting my lip.
"Sounds like fun!" I said in a happy tone. I leaned back in my seat and turned to look out the window. I looked around to see Liam on his Ipod, Louis on his Blackberry, Niall on his Iphone, and Zayn fixing his hair. I looked over to Harry who was playing with his Iphone as well. I looked out the window to watch the clouds as we soared through them. I couldn’t wait till we landed!


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