Dream on


9. Video shoots with suprises

It was the day of the video shoot and everyone was running around like mad. The video for my hit single "Club Music" wouldn't be released till next month but we were starting it now. I was getting my outfit and makeup done along with my hair and went to the main lot for shooting. I met the director and he was really nice. He ordered everyone to get in their places so we could start and we were ready in less than 3 minutes. Everything was going smoothly and we were having a lot of fun. A camera man was getting all of our funny and fun moments on tape just in case they would put it into a documentary or something. I sat in my own directors' chair and got ready to shoot the next scene when I felt someone place their hands on my shoulders. I jumped and turned around quickly.
"Harry!" I said hugging.
"Hey babe, how's everything going?" He asked.
"Great! We're almost done actually."
"Perfect, I wanted to tell you something."
"You'll see." I left him to go back to filming and watched him the entire time. He looked so cute in a simple graphic tee and track pants; I couldn’t wait to go back over. The music stopped and I straightened up and looked around all clueless.
"Why's the music stop?" I asked.
"Cause we're done for the day." The director said. I lit up and ran back over to Harry who was now sitting in my 'special' chair. I held his hands and looked him in the eyes.
"What'd you have to tell me?" I said.
"Follow me." He got up and I quickly changed back into my day clothes and walked with him to his car.
"Where are we going?"
"You hungry?" He asked.
"A little." I said. He drove to a sub shop and got us subs. We ate in his car for safety purposes and I almost forget he had to tell me something.
"Okay, spill." I said with my mouth half full. He swallowed and took a deep breath.
"I got some good news and some bad news." He said. I looked at him starting to get upset but forced the tears back.
"The good news is that you're going on tour!" He cheered.
"OMG! Are you serious? This is great!" I exclaimed.
"What's the bad news?"
"It's an American tour, for 3 months plus whatever interviews and stuff you get so possibly 5 months even." I put my sandwich down on my lap and I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks.
"Hey now, don't cry." He said moving my chin so I could see him. He wiped my tears away and looked me in the eyes.
"It'll be okay."
"Was that the special news Simon didn’t want to tell me?" I croaked.
"He wanted me to tell you." I looked down and more tears fell as I blinked.
"I can’t do it."
"You can. I'm leaving too. You and I both leave in 2 weeks, we're both going to America but won't be able to see each other but who knows, maybe we will."
"Harry it's a test, the girls are gorgeous in America. You'll move on once you get there."
"Don't talk rubbish. It's you and I remember? I sing my songs for you, and I dream of you, and I can't ever shut up about you. We'll face time and talk and text. I'll make sure we see each other; someway somehow, we will see each other. Okay?" I nodded and he kissed me. Oh how I'll miss his kiss.

By Monday I was getting driven all across London. An interview there, an interview here; but I wasn’t myself. I could only think of the distance and all the girls that's going to separate Harry and I. I curled up in the back seat of Ryan's blue prius and tried to block the bad thoughts out. Kathy was sick today and won't be back till tomorrow I hope.
"Cheer up Victoria." He soothed. I sniffed and just kept staring at the window. I was on my way to yet another interview but this time it's for a radio show. Fans were blocking the way of getting in and we had to get security to move them. Their screams were ear piercing as we drove by. I saw some try to chase the car as we drove in. I was escorted out and my name was being shouted everywhere trying to get me to stop but I just kept going.

"You're listening to on air with Ryan Secrest here with none other than the wonderful Victoria Casey." I was seated in the radio station with the Q102 team and the one and only Ryan Secrest, it was amazing.
"Hello." I gingerly said.
"Victoria, how crazy has everything been?" He asked.
"Pretty crazy." I laughed.
"You feel the love, from everybody?"
"Yes, I do. I never expected to become this big."
"No one else did either I'm sure. What amazes me still is that you're not a boy band, you're by yourself, you're 14, and you're female. Now, Justin Bieber was young but he was a hot boy am I right?" The people in the studio all agreed.
"I know and it doesn’t make sense to me either but I think that 'this' works because I can relate to the younger fans better." He agreed and asked a few more questions. When One Direction came up I prepared myself for the waterworks.

"So you have a tour coming up right? I hear 1D does too. How is that going to affect your relationship?" I felt a tear come to my eye but I wiped it away casually.
"It'll be hard." I said shakily. The tears were coming faster and faster but I just kept wiping them away with my sleeve.
"Even though we'll be in the same place, we're both going in different directions." I said.
"Not just one?" He joked. I laughed the tears off slightly. A lady handed me a tissue and I felt a little embarrassed.
"Well, it'll be okay. I've recently seen an interview about them and you seem to be the one thing he's into other than his music." I smiled imagining the interview, even though I never saw it. I left the station and was driven to another one right after. It was like déjà vu; I was back in the blue prius curled up into a ball thinking about life without Harry for 5 months.


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