Dream on


15. 'Tearin' up my heart

The tour finally ended and I was glad to be going home. I wouldn’t have to be in the same place as her right now. It's killing me seeing her okay; why isn’t she hurting on the inside as well? I went to the airport and entered our gate. I took a seat and basically just stared at nothing.
"Harry, come with me." Louis said grabbing my arm. I stood up and started to follow him.
"Where?" I asked.
"Snack store. I'm starving." He moaned.
"Why don't you just get some food?" I suggested.
"Because I rather have candy duh?" He snorted. I rolled my eyes and continued walking with him. People were staring at us as we walked by and took out their cameras but none really came close since we were walking pretty fast. We walked into the small shop and Louis ran straight to the candy section. I, on the other hand, just roamed around. I passed by the magazines but then decided to go back and look at them. There was a bunch of health and fitness ones that jumped right at you. Then I started to notice Victoria's face on almost every celebrity gossip magazine. I slowly picked up magazine after magazine examining the headlines.
"Harry and Victoria split? See page 56 for details."
"Music industries youngest couple separate."I need a break" Victoria says."
"Couple split! What went wrong?"
I stopped after about 5 and slowly put the last one back. Now I was happier even more to be leaving this place. I went to look for Louis but found him paying for his snacks at the cashier's desk. He paid then we left the shop and headed back to the gate.
"Flight 394 gate E will now be boarding." The announcer said. Everyone got into a semi single filed line and waited to hand their ticket in to board the plane. I gave her mine and walked down the terminal to board the plane. I sat next to Louis by the window and plane took off momentarily.
"You still miss her?" He asked out of no where. I didn’t answer.
"Answer." He ordered.
"No." I said.
"Liar." I looked at him with glaring eyes.
"I'm not lying, she moved on. She did this remember?" He didn’t drop his gaze.
"Yes you are. You still like her and I can tell. I saw you reading those magazines." I turned away and flipped through a car one I found in the seat in front of me.
"It's too late now." I mumbled.
"It's never too late." He said.
About 8 hours later the plane landed and we all were exhausted. All of us went back to our flats to get some rest and take it easy for the next few days. I dragged my luggage up to the flat and Louis did the same. He opened the door and we threw our bags onto the floor with force.
"Well that's gonna leave a mark." Louis laughed. I smirked and went to my room. It was the same way I left it; messy bed, clothes on the floor, boxers left on the dresser; it was a mess. I motioned to the bed and to lie down. I flipped onto my stomach and began to drift into a deep sleep but I couldn’t. I sniffed my pillow then the other one. It smelled like flowers. Her scent was still on it from the day we slept here before we left for America. I threw the pillow as hard as I could at the wall and hit my head hard back on my pillow.
I woke up a few hours later and stepped out into the hall. I could the TV on in the lounge room but something made me want to go left and not right. I walked down the other end of the hall passing Louis' bedroom and into the guest one. The room smelled like flowers and coconut. Everything was neat and tidy and bright but it felt lonely in there. All of her stuff was still here. Her clothes, perfumes, stuffed animals, pictures. I walked over to a picture of us she had on her nightstand and held in my hands. I sniffed but didn’t cry. There was no point in doing so. I set the picture back in its place and walked out into the lounge room. Louis was watching some gossip show but I didn’t pay attention.
"Harry, come quick!" He shouted. I rushed over and sat beside him.
"What?" I asked.
"Look." He turned the volume up and I watched the screen.

"To all those One Direction fans out their listen up. Band member Harry Styles is now supposedly on the market once again. He and worldwide sensation Victoria Casey have apparently called it quits. Victoria has come forth that the two are not technically seeing each other but taking a break." The scene switched to an interview with Victoria.
"Things just became too much you know and I couldn’t be held back. He has his music and I have mine. I want to be with him and he didn’t do anything, I just needed a break." She said.
"If you could get back together would you?" The interviewer asked. She thought about it for a moment.
"I would." She said. The scene shifted back to the main reporter.
"What do you think about all this? Contact us at GossipCrew.com and tell us what you think she happen." I lowered the volume as she started to go on about a different topic.
"It's pretty viral." Louis said star struck while staring at the TV.
"I know." I mumbled while getting up. I stopped and turned on my one heel and looked back at the TV.
"How can she be okay?" I asked angrily. Louis shrugged.
"I bet she really isn’t." He said.
"Sure looks like it." I snapped.
"You don’t know for sure." He said heading into the kitchen. I walked to my room and slammed my door.
"You break it, you buy it!" Louis hollered.
"We rent!" I shouted back. I turned on my dock and sat down letting the music calm my nerves but of course (like in the movies) it didn’t.
"If you want me girl let me know. I am down, on my knees. And I can't take it anymore!" I switched NSYNC off and onto a different station.
"If I was your boyfriend, I never let you go. Keep you on my arm girl, you'll never be alone." I switched it again.
"Oh these times are hard, yeah their making us crazy; don't give up on me baby!"
"UGH!" I shut the radio off and fell backwards onto the bed. I could smell the same fruity scent; I really need to wash these sheets. I thought about NSYNC and how their songs seem to fit my scenario perfectly, I started to sing them out loud.
"If you want me girl let me know. I am down, on my knees. And I can't take it anymore! It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you; but when we are apart I feel it too. And no matter what I do I feel the pain; with or without you."
"Can you keep it down, the games on." Louis said peeking his head through the door. I didn’t realize I was that loud.
"Are the boys here?" I asked.
"Yep, come on out. You need to be social." I dragged myself off the bed and stalked to the door. I walked with Louis to the lounge room where the guys were, Ed was there too.
"Harry! Hey man how've you been?" He said cheerfully.
"I've been better." I said kind of awkwardly.
"Oh yes! London takes the point." Niall said with his hands in the air. I laughed and took a seat next to him.
"I would love to sing at another game." He said dreamily.
"That would be fun." Liam added.
"Pass me a soda." I asked. Zayn tossed me a can and I caught it on my lap. I flipped the tab and sipped the fizz out before chugging it a bit.
"Oh come on! Another commercial?" Niall whined. We all laughed at him. He always complained about every commercial that comes on when a good game is happening.
"See Harry? Better already." Louis said nudging my shoulder. I laughed a little and grabbed for the snack bowl of chips. When the game came back on we were all watching it closely not missing a single movement the players made. The buzzer rang signaling that it was half time.
"Be right back." Ed said getting up to go to the bathroom.
"Anyone want a drink while I'm up?" Liam asked.
"We're good." The rest of us said. Two anchors came onto the screen and started the "world news in sports" segment. They mentioned basketball, baseball, soccer, and even American football.
"I heard it was going to be a great half time show this year for Superbowl." The one anchor said to the other. They started talking about the shows from years past.
"What's Superbowl?" I asked.
"Oh you see it's like the world cup for us. Two teams go into this mega championship for the title of the year. They have a special half time show where they get mega singers to perform and it really is something." Niall said drinking his soda.
"Maybe we could do that." He shrugged.
"That'd be cool." I turned my gaze back to the TV.
"Who's it this year?" I said not moving my gaze.
"I don't know." Louis said. Everyone came back to the room to figure out who would be this years Superbowl performer.
"Did you hear who would be it this year?" One anchor said.
"Yes I did actually. It wasn’t much of a surprise either." The other answered.
"Who?" The guy asked.
"Victoria Casey." My heart skipped a beat.
"Well can't you see? She's America's superstar, not to mention the UK's as well. She's taken over countries music worldwide. It's unbelievable!"
"Do you know what she's going to do?"
"No one knows, they keep it a surprise. She did say in an interview a few days ago that it's going to be out of this world."
"I bet. Now let's get back to the game." Just as the soccer game came back on Niall turned the TV off.
"WHAT THE HELL NIALL!!!????" We all complained. He turned to me with a serious look on his face.
"What are you looking at?" I asked.
"You have to tell her that she made a mistake." He said.
"You need to see her, IN PERSON, and tell her that you need her and she needs you."
"Niall, it's done. We're over. You've seen her." He shook his head.
"It's not over. She still gets shaky talking about it and I can tell she still has feelings."
"And how am I going to tell her." He looked to the coffee table then back at me.
"Superbowl." He said.
"You mean fly out?" I said in shock.
"We go to Superbowl, you make an appearance, and tell her she was wrong and stupid."
"Nice Niall." Louis said flatly.
"I'm just saying." He shrugged.
"I don't think it'll work." I said.
"If you loved her enough, you wouldn’t let her slip away this easily." I didn’t want to admit it but he was right. I let out a sigh.
"Okay, but how's this gonna work?"


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