Dream on


16. Super bowl

We boarded the plane the following morning with our whole crew and headed to the states. When the plane landed we ignored the paparazzi and went straight to the hotel. I had no clue what was going on and by this point I was just going to wing the whole thing.
"Got you're outfit?" Zayn asked.
"Yup." I said popping the 'p'.
"Come here." He walked over to me and started to fix my hair.
"What are you doing?!" I said backing away.
"It was out of place." He said. I fixed my hair the way I always did; 2 shakes and a swipe to the right.
"I hope this works." I said looking at the outfit I brought. It was pretty cheesy but I thought it got the point across.
"It will, trust me." I gave him a weird look as he walked away.
"Whatever." I mumbled under my breath.

Victoria's P.O.V

After the whole "Harry" thing calmed down a bit I felt opened. Like the world was lifted off my shoulders and nothing could stop me now. I stopped my chocolate eating and crying and pulled myself together. Today was a big day and my whole family and all of my close friends were going to see me perform on live TV. I flew out Emily and Kylie and a few close guy friends to watch while my family stayed home to support me. All of us were gathered in the center of the football field in Dallas and it was incredible.
"Dude, I can't believe we're here!" Will said.
"And that you're going to be performing!" Tyler added.
"Well, you know, it's what I do." I said dusting off my shoulder in a cocky way.
"Vic I can't believe this. Who would have thought you would be sitting here, on the football field, and performing at the Superbowl half time show?" Emily said.
"Yeah, who's going to be doing it with you?" Kylie asked.
"Bieber." I said.
"You are like obsessed with performing with him." Kylie said. I shrugged.
"I guess." I said smiling.
"Victoria they need to figure the setup out. You guys need to come inside here." Kathy shouted from the home team's entrance. We all walked over as the stage crew came out with all kinds of equipment. It was going to be an amazing performance, definitely the best one I've done yet. In spite of all my fame, I've never really met any celebrities, not even Justin Bieber. So, I kind of freaked when I saw him waiting for me in the dressing room with Selena Gomez.
"Oh my god!" I shrieked quietly.
"Hey Victoria. It's an honor to meet you." He said shaking my hand.
"Wow." Was all I managed to say. I shook hands with Selena too but it wasn’t as cool as shaking Justin's. We all started to talk about tonight and later when the football teams arrived, we got to meet them and take lots of pictures. The press did a few interviews with us and things started to get pretty hectic. Everyone was running around crazy. Time started to pass by pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was in a VIP box watching the game with my "team", my close friends, Justin and Selena, and the owner of my favorite football team (the New England Patriots) and his family. The box was really big and it fit all of us so it didn’t feel cramped. Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem and I was told I was going to meet her before I'd go on stage, which was really amazing.
"What's wrong?" Kylie asked Emily. I looked over to Emily who was sitting next to me. She was staring at her phone concentrating on something.
"Nothing." She said as she slid it into her back pocket. I didn’t bother asking and just watched the game. I got really into it and I was even wearing my Patriot's jersey. I stood up and cheered and just had fun with everything before I got interrupted.
"We need to get going." Ryan said in my ear. I nodded and told my friends goodbye before leaving.
"Good luck! You're gonna do great." Emily said to me. I smiled and followed Ryan and Kathy out along with some of the stadiums management for guidance to the stadiums floor. I got ready into my performance outfit and got my hair and makeup done. Justin and I ran through the songs quickly with Ryan and then I went through all of my parts as well. I could hear a football team rush down the hall as I prepared to give the performance of a lifetime.

Harry's P.O.V

We were kind of late arriving at the stadium and it took us a little bit to get inside.
"Did they start yet?" I asked. I wore my trench coat over my outfit to cover it up so no one could see what it was.
"I don't know." Niall said looking around.
"Excuse me, but I have passes to meet the team now and I don't know which way to go." Niall said to a worker.
"Sorry, no one's allowed to be down there during the half time show." Just my luck. Wait what?!
"Um sorry, did you just say half time show?" I asked butting in.
"Yeah, their setting the stage up right now. No one's allowed access to the floor." He said strictly.
"Look. We need to get to the locker room or we're going to lose it." Zayn said inching towards him."
"Look buddy I don’t know what your problem is but you're not allowed."
"If you don't let me in, I'm going to lose the one person that means everything to me." I said in an angry voice. The guy gave me a weird look.
"There's only men in the locker room." He stated.
"I need to get to the performer, not a guy." I said through my teeth.
"No access." He walked away and I slapped my side and stomped the ground hard.
"Now what?" I looked to Niall for help. He looked around the entrance of the stadium for a moment. He then ran over to a supply closet and somehow managed to pull out 5 worker shirts.
"Put these on." He said handed one to each of us.
"Paul, try to get to the VIP box." He ordered.
"Why?" He asked stupidly.
"Because that's where Victoria's whole crew is. NOW MOVE!" Surprisingly, Paul did what he was told and started to race towards the VIP boxes on the upper level. We all put out shirts on and our sunglasses. We kept taking the stairs until we spotted an entrance. A security guard came out eating a sandwich and stopped when he noticed us.
"Who are you?" He asked with a mouthful of food.
"We're new." Niall said crossing his arms.
"You're Irish." He pointed out.
"Thank you for noticing. Now if you don't mind we'd like to pass through." We started to walk and I looked back, the guard was eyeing us but shrugged and kept on walking.
"In here." Liam said entering through a set of doors.
"Aw man." Zayn complained in a nervous tone. We walked down a hall and saw an entrance that led to the field. It was pitch black and only small balls of light from the crowd were able to be seen.
"I think we're too late." Louis muttered. The crowd started to cheer and I thought it was now or never.
"I'm going." I said taking off my disguise, throwing it at one of them.
"Now?" Liam asked cautiously.
"Yup." I walked to the front of the tunnel and stood there.
"Just wait a second." Zayn said holding onto my shoulder.
"For what?" I asked.
"Wait till there's an opening."
"There won't be one." I said.
"Yes there will." The lights aimed at the center of the field and I could see someone rise from the center of the stage with smoke all around. The music started to blare and Victoria started of with a song I recognized of hers, "Club Music". The crowd went wild as we stood from the tunnel and watched.
"Harry?" I turned around to see Ryan walking towards us.
"Ryan." I said trying to joke.
"What are you all doing here?" He said to all of us.
"He's telling Victoria he misses her." Louis interjected. Ryan looked at him then back at me.
"Are you serious?" I nodded.
"She's doing the biggest performance of her life right now." He finished saying.
"I know, but this is the only way." I pleaded. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers and sighed.
"How do you plan on doing this?" He asked annoyed.
"I don't know. Just walk on to the field when it's over and wing it."
"Hold on." Ryan said. He walked past us and into a closed room. He came back out with a mic and handed it to me.
"You mean sing it." He said handing me the mic.
"You'll sing it to her." He added. I thanked him and walked to the front of the tunnel and waited for the performance to end.

Victoria's P.O.V

I was singing my heart out, Justin made his appearance and the crowd cheered like crazy. We danced on a huge lit up stage that changed colors and it made everything feel like a club. I went through a melody of other songs before finishing up with a finale song. I walked to the center of the stage and it began to rise. Justin was on a lower level and walked off eventually. I sang "Born This Way" by Lady GaGa in the air with smoke and fireworks shooting in front of the stage. The lift I was on lowered me down back to the main stage and I danced along with the other dancers full of energy. The song ended and I posed in the spotlight. The crowd went crazy and I smiled and waved. One of the dancers nudged my shoulder and I realized it wasn’t just me they were cheering for. I looked over my left shoulder and saw a spotlight shine on someone walking diagonal along the field towards the stage. I walked to the edge and saw Harry. I clamped my hand over my mouth and felt tears come to my eyes right away. He got onto the stage and I stepped back a little bit. His outfit was…interesting. He wore one of the t shirts that was being sold during my tour.
"Victoria. I can't go on like this." He said to me. The crowd was still cheering and now talking to themselves.
"Harry what are you doing?" I asked wiping a tear away.
"I know you said you need a break but I can't do that. I'll be honest, I'm miserable without you. I've missed you like crazy and I need you." He said. I stepped closer but stopped.
"I've missed you too, believe me. But I can't do this, not now." I said. Tears began to form again but I quickly wiped them away.
"Why? It was working out fine. I came here to tell you that all I want is you, no one else. If you're scared, don’t be. If you need me, tell me 'cause I need you." I started to cry into my mouth and the crowd quieted down but didn’t go silent.
"Just listen to this." He pointed to Ryan who was at the speakers and he played a song.
"I'm at a payphone, trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you. Where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong. Where are the plans we made for two?" I shook in place and by now it was only us two on stage with spotlights and fog surrounding our feet with the crowd singing along.
"I know it's hard to remember. The people we used to be. It's even harder to picture, that you're not here next to me. You say it's too late to make it, but is it too late to try? And in our time that you wasted all of our bridges burned down. I've wasted my nights, you turned out the lights. Now I'm paralyzed, still stuck in that time, when we called it love, but even the sun sets in paradise." He started to sing the chorus and the lyrics went perfectly with everything going on. He moved in closer by the second verse and held my hand.
"Now I'm at a payphone." The song ended and I hugged him tightly.
"I'm so sorry." I said crying into his shoulder.
"I was scared." He pulled away and we were now visible on the jumbo screen where everyone could hear us.
"Of everything happening so quickly. I didn’t know what I was doing and I needed to focus on that." He cupped the side of my face and I held his hand.
"Don't you know I'm here for you to help too?" He smiled wiping my tears away.
"I know. I didn’t want to do it but I felt like that was the only choice, I was wrong though." I said.
"Yes, yes you were." I laughed the littlest bit.
"I love you." I said.
"I love you too." We kissed and the crowd awed. A row of fireworks went off from the stage and we jumped at the technical glitch. I hugged him and didn’t let go for a little bit until the moment was cut short.
"The game needs to start up again." Ryan said from the front of the stage. The crowd cheered as Harry and I exited the stage and the game resumed shortly after. I saw the guys and hugged them all before going back to Harry. We went to the box and Kylie, Emily, Tyler, and Will all said hello and the girls got their autographs like I promised a while ago. I sat outside of the box and watched the game with Harry and enjoyed every minute of it.
"I missed this." I said leaning my head on his shoulder.
"I did too." He kissed my forehead and we watched the rest of the game as a couple again.

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