Dream on


7. Long day gone wild

3 months later…….

It's been a long 3 months since the day I was whisked off to London. I've been recording non-stop, writing lyrics to a billion songs, and struggling to find time to spend with Harry and the boys. I was in the process of a music video too. The choreography was pretty intense but I caught on pretty well. I spent even more time on that and would be working from 6 a.m. to 5 in the afternoon on dancing and singing. I didn’t realize how hard this was going to be and how much work was put into this. They make it look so easy!
"All right now, let's take it from the top!" Jim our choreographer said. The music started to play and my forehead had beads of sweat forming but I wiped them away. I was dancing the routine perfectly and actually was having fun with it by this point since I knew it by now. It only took about a month and half to learn the whole thing.
"Great job!" Jim said giving me a high-five, I was panting a little from the workout and put one hand behind my back to keep my stable. The dancers were dismissed and I sat against the wall drinking my water bottle trying to cool down. Jim came over and took a seat besides me.
"You did great." He commented.
"Thanks." I said dangling the bottles over my legs.
"You came a long way. When you first started you were clueless." I gave him a menacing look.
"What? I'm just trying to be honest." He said holding his hands up in surrender. I turned my gaze away back to facing the wall.
"It's not easy." I said taking another sip.
"It's not supposed to be, but hey, your music sounds great, you're getting noticed and you have great friends and an awesome crew behind you." I laughed to myself.
"Yeah I know."
"I got to run; we meet again Thursday for a final practice before we go to the video shoot."
"Okay, see ya." I gave him a fist pound once he rose from where he was sitting. He grabbed his dance bag and headed out, dangling his car keys in his hand. I was the only one in the dance studio now. Kathy wanted me to call her when I was finished but I decided to wait a little longer before calling. I closed my eyes to refocus on everything before blankly opening them. I called Kathy and she drove right over to come get me. I walked out of the studio and climbed into the car.
"Hey there." She said smiling, I waved.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Nothing, I'm just really tired."
"Well you'll be home soon and---" Her phone started to ring and she answered it quickly.
"Alright we'll be right there." She said hanging up.
"Who was that?" I asked.
"Ryan, you have to record some more things before the video shoot." I moaned leaning against the window.
"Do I have to?" I pleaded.
"I'm in my sweats and stuff."
"Who cares?" She drove over to Sony Records and I felt so out of place. My hair was pulled back in a high ponytail; I wore a cropped pinny over a tank under my sweat jacket with black sweat pants and my Nike's. I walked in and headed back to Studio A, slowly opening the door and dragging myself inside.
"Hey, long day?" Ryan greeted me.
"You have no idea." I said dramatically. I flopped onto the couch he had inside the studio and looked at him with tired eyes.
"Well you only have a little more you have to do before you can sleep." He said.
'What is it?"
"A new song."
"Oh, cool."
"It goes like this." He pressed a button and the track started to play. It was a neat beat that made me want to get up and dance like crazy teenager but I had no energy left to do so.
"Okay, let me start then. I really like it." I got into the booth and set everything up. I signaled him to start the music and it started to play. I had the lyrics in front of me and started to sing. I got really got into it and started pouring my heart into the chorus. I was really getting into it. The song ended and I took the headphones off and walked back out and took a seat next to Ryan, he played the track back and I really liked it.
"I love it!" I exclaimed.
"I do too. I might switch some things around but other than that, it's perfect. You'll come back Wednesday to do a few more tracks and the album will be ready to be released by next Friday! It's already advertising." I started to jump for joy since I was working really hard and wanted my 1st album to be released ASAP. Normally it would take me a year to complete one but I've been working on it nonstop so it was ready in no time.
"You're free to go. Goodbye." He bid me off and I stood up and smack him in the back of the head lightly. He laughed and slapped my hand away and I left to head home. Kathy was still outside and I ended up staying there for about 2 hours or so. I opened the car door and ducked inside.
"Your phone has been going off none stop." She complained. I patted my pockets and bra realizing I didn’t have my phone.
"It's right here." She said pointing to the cup holder. I grabbed it and looked through the messages and missed calls. I had 4 messages from Emily who wanted to know how everything was going and how the boys were, 2 from Kylie asking when I was coming back to visit, and 1 from Louis saying to call him back. The missed calls were from my mom and Harry. I didn’t bother calling back though. Kathy dropped me off and I walked up to the flat. I had my own key so I let myself in. It was 8 o'clock and I figured they were out. I walked in and threw my bag by the door and kicked my shoes off tossing my key and phone on the breakfast bar. I didn’t even notice Harry on the couch until I turned to go down the hallway. I snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands.
"Who's there?" He didn’t have a clue.
"No one…" I said in my best British accent. He tugged me over the couch and I ended up laying on his lap looking up at him.
"Hi." I said with a cheeky grin.
"What were you doing all day? Did you run a marathon or something?"
"No, I had a dance rehearsal, and had to stop by the studio to record a new track. It sounds great!"
"That's good." I sat up and started to walk away.
"Where are you going?" He called after me.
"I'm exhausted. Where is everyone?" I asked.
"Louis' with Eleanor and the rest are at their places." He got up and walked over to me pulling me close to him by the waist.
"I'm going to bed."
"Not alone you're not." He said smiling deviously.
"I'm not old enough for that kind of stuff." It was the truth, I was only 14 but I was actually pretty uncomfortable with the whole idea of sleeping together. I know it's been 3 months and all but I was still not sure.
"Yes you are!" He picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.
"Harry put me down!" I pleaded, but he didn’t listen. He ran me into his bedroom throwing me onto the bed. I was laughing like crazy now and he climbed on top kissing me tenderly. I pushed him to stop and he looked up at me.
"I won't do it." I said.
"Didn’t say you had to. I just want to get you out of those clothes." He joked. I gave him a look.
"I'm just kidding relax!" He assured me. I loosened up and he started to kiss me again. I slid out from under him to change clothes. When I came back he was already in his boxers lying in bed. I slipped under the covers and snuggled into him. I closed my eyes and I could feel his kiss on my forehead. It wasn't as scary as I thought.


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