Dream on


17. Keep me close to your heart

After Harry and I got back together, things went back to the way they used to be. Only now, I'm 15; big deal right? Nah. I did come back to England 2 weeks later after the Superbowl though. Harry surprised me with something I didn’t expect when I came back. He picked me up at the airport and drove me back to the flat.
"Can you please just tell me what it is?" I pleaded.
"Nope." He said popping the 'p'.
"Ugh." I moaned. He pulled into the garage and we walked up to the flat. The rest of the guys were out but Harry said they didn’t know I was coming either.
"I'll be right back." I went to my room and walked inside not noticing anything.
"Wait." I said out loud. I did a 360 around the room and stopped. All my stuff was gone, including the covers I used. It looked the same from when I came here my first day.
"Harry!" I shouted. He came running to my room.
"What!?" He panted.
"Where is all my stuff?!" I questioned. He smiled and walked in to take my hand. He pulled me out of the room and into his. His room for once was actually clean and it smelled really good.
"What's this?" I asked pointing to the room.
"I thought it'd be nice to have the same room." He said smiling.
"So you moved all my stuff into here."
"Yup." I walked to the dresser and saw my photos were there along with my cosmetics and perfume that I left behind. I opened a drawer and saw my shirts mixed in with his. I was curious after seeing that so I opened "his" underwear draw and saw both of ours mixed in together.
"Mhm." I said looking at the underwear. He came over and snaked his arms around my waist and link them together.
"What do you think?" He asked.
"It's a big step." I said.
"It'll be fine. I know you love it." I turned to face him and laughed a little before giving him a kiss.
"I know." I confessed.

We were at a major interview as Kathy told me before on the phone. London's worldwide talk show wanted to do an interview on not only me but Harry as well. Everyone saw the Superbowl and thought it was quite something. So here we are, sitting on cream designer plush sofas, on a small stage, on live television in front of millions. I sat next to Harry and with my hands folded on my lap on one couch and the hosts Clinton and Stacey sat on the other one. The rest of the band was in the audience with Paul, Kathy, and Ryan with screaming fans behind them.
"Hello London and the rest of the world. I'm Stacey."
"I'm Clinton."
"And this is London Today. Today we have none only then Harry Styles and Victoria Casey here with us now." The crowd cheered and soon the applause died down, both hosts then turned to us.
"We saw the Superbowl. It went pretty viral on YouTube." Stacey joked.
"Can you tell us what happened in the first place?" Clinton asked. I felt a lump form in my throat.
"Well, you see, with everything going on at the time for me a relationship just became to much. We were both on tour and we haven’t seen each other in so long and I needed a break." I explained.
"Did you just tell him by phone?" Clinton asked.
"No….." I started to say by looking at the ground.
"I flew out to one of his concerts and told him after it." I confessed.
"Ouch." Stacey said.
"I had to say it in person though. Through a text or a call would be just wrong." I added.
"No I see what you mean." Stacey said.
"Harry, how'd that make you feel?" She asked.
"Terrible. I didn't think that was good reason to be honest and it broke my heart." He said looking at me at the end.
"I didn’t know what to do." He grabbed for my hand and I let him. The crowd awed and the boys looked around them stupidly not knowing what was going on.
"AWWW!" They said in unison. They were pretty loud and everyone looked at them.
"I can see now that everything is back to normal by the looks from last months game." Clinton joked.
"Mhm." I said.
"Well you guys are officially once again, one of the youngest celebrity couples." I put my hands up and cheered and laughed a bit.
"What's going on in your lives now?" She asked.
"You could say we moved in together." Harry said.
"Really?" Clinton said in shock.
"I took the things from her room and put them into mine." Harry said using hand motions.
"Victoria did you know?" I shook my head.
"It was a surprise." I said.
"I think that is adorable. Now do your parents feel comfortable with this?" Stacey said. I thought about it trying to think if they even knew.
"I don't know." I shrugged.
"I guess they will now." She said laughing. We all laughed a little before calming down again.
"Well I think you two are adorable and you make a great couple." Harry put his arm around me and hugged me tightly.
"Aw tanks." He said in a baby voice.
"Harry…I. Can't. Breath." I said. He let go and I rubbed my arms.
"Stop it you two! It's too cute." Clinton said a girls' voice.
"Reporters and paparazzi have been putting you in every ad they can get their hands on." He said.
"I know it's been pretty wild and I can't believe we even have time to ourselves. We're still busy and our schedules are crazy but it's been working." Harry said.
After a few more questions we left and went back home. I was still tired from the tour even though it happened a while ago. I crawled into bed and tried to close my eyes. It was nighttime here and I began to drift into a deep sleep.
"You awake babe?" I heard Harry whisper. He was on the other side of me on the bed, already in his pajamas as well.
"Now I am." I moaned. He moved closer and wrapped his arm around me.
"I noticed you kept your necklace on the entire time." He said.
"I always kept you close to my heart. I still loved you through it all." I said. I turned on my side to see him and he kissed me.
"You'll always be close to my heart." I said. I kissed him again and fell asleep in his arms.

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